How to Always Do What is Right

Nanice Ellis

~How to always do what is right~

We all want to do "what is right," but the problem is that doing what is right, often changes from time to time and place to place depending on personal beliefs, societal beliefs, culture, and many other influences. With so many versions of what might be right, how can we choose with the highest good in mind? ~Simple~ Always Choose Love!

When you choose in the direction of love, you will always make the right decision; leading towards harmony, peace and oneness - leading to God, if you will. But, remember, this means that you must first choose love for your self! If you chose love for another over loving yourself because you feel less worthy or not as important, you are not choosing love; you are choosing fear; and this is the energy that you are transmitting.

*Here is the perfect formula for choosing what is right:*
1. Love Your Self Unconditionally
2. Check in with your self intuitively, to see what choice supports your well being the most, and aligns with your personal integrity.
3. See Everyone as Innocent and simply asking to be seen and loved.
4. Then choose Love for others; and you will know exactly what to do.

In grace & gratitude,

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