How to get through Anything!

Nanice Ellis

How to Get Through ANYTHING! The Art of Prayer Please replace Universe, Higher Power, The ALL or anything else you may prefer for "GOD".

You may not yet know the answer to a current challenge you are experiencing - but GOD has all the answers... readily available for you. All that's needed to receive those answers is an authentic surrendering of the problem (along with the worry and fear ) - to GOD.

Surrendering is not giving up - it is actually the necessary prerequisite to connecting deeply into the great mind and heart of GOD - with ease. Surrendering also allows the perfect answers to flow freely to you - so that you will know what to do, or not do, in the core of your being. When you ask GOD for direction and inspiration, remember to wait patiently for GOD to answer clearly. Do not allow your own limited mind to jump in with the old answers - old answers are old and stagnant, and they don't won't work so well anymore. Relying on the old answers is only a temporary fix to the problem - that will keep you feeling anxious inside. Those old answers, which come from your own human mind, are often fear based (motivated by fear) and will keep landing you in the same seemingly stuck spot until you have no place left to go - and, then, the only thing left to "do" IS surrender to GOD and receive God's truth for you - open heartedly. It's really an "un-doing" rather that a thing to do - ponder that.

God's answer is unconditionally the perfect answer for you and everyone involved - whether it initially seems that way or not - it is. One's own human answers are powered by the falsity of our limited beliefs (until enlightenment overcomes us we all have limiting and limited beliefs), and if we feed those beliefs by paying any attention to them, they will drown out even the never-ending powerful voice of GOD. The voice of GOD finds you in stillness and silent awaiting. When we feed old beliefs, it hinders our ability to not only hear but also to accept those GOD-given answers.

GOD is always answering us immediately but sometimes it takes us a while to really hear because it often goes against our human instincts for survival. Those survival instincts reveal themselves in the old beliefs that we relied on to once be true - beliefs that seemed to guide us and protect us so we could make it through life - whether or not, it is a limited or abundant life. Without personal inquisition, every action we take is unconsciously based on our beliefs - and also on our own personal emotional needs, even if it appears we are doing it for another (prior to enlightenment that is).

When you begin to hear the answer but you still need clarity and direction, ask GOD for some type of confirmation and for some real and/or metaphorical evidence to point you in the direction of manifesting the answer(s) in your life - this can occur in a random conversation with a stranger, something you see and really notice on T.V, or something that unexpectedly moves across your path - watch for unusual repetition of a similar theme.

If fear surfaces, you can be certain that it is not coming from GOD but from your own human belief system - what does GOD have to fear? NOTHING. If any indication of fear comes up, surrender again... and again until you really have surrendered completely to GOD - you'll know you have because fear will no longer come up and you will feel a sense of peace flow through you - you will stop trying to answer for your higher power. A perfect indicator that you are experiencing fear on some level is that you feel bad - feeling bad is also an indicator that you are distancing yourself from GOD - it can also be used to guide you all the way into GOD.

GOD's truth will always uplift you in all ways and create a sense of peace and wellness in your being. Surrender, unconditionally, to the mind of GOD and GOD will immediately recycle the worry and fear into exactly what you have been seeking and desiring at the core of your being - and guide you, step by step, to get to where you really want to go - perfectly. To receive absolute and never-ending guidance from GOD, You must Continuously Remember to be endlessly receptive to GOD's wisdom and take action only when inspired by GOD. This is the recipe for a blissful and extra-extraordinary life - awaiting you!"

In grace & gratitude,

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