Independence Day!

Nanice Ellis

On this 4th of July I am reminded of anything but independence. It doesn't require too much knowledge of current affairs to see that we no longer live in a free country; loss of civil rights and personal privacy are just the tip of the iceberg. It is easy to focus on loss or lack of freedom when that appears to be showing up, yet, it is our Power of Focus that holds the true key to freedom and liberation - or lack thereof.

When I blame and complain about the paradigm that I am experiencing, I actually align with what I do not want. If I am against anything, I am in the Morphic Field of it - and for it.

Believe it or not, there is another way.

There exists another paradigm where we do, in fact, live in a free country that supports human rights and independence. What would happen if I freed my mind to align with this paradigm?

How do I Free Myself?

1. I look inside myself to find the part of me that has created the current paradigm:
Maybe it is feelings of imprisonment
Not always speaking my truth
Fear of true freedom
Complacency - expecting others to know what is best for me
Giving my power away
Not knowing and owning the intrinsic power that is mine
Getting energy and a false sense of power by complaining and blaming what I don't want

2. I heal this part of me by asserting and demonstrating the truth:
I own my power
I am conscious and at choice
I speak my truth
I love and honor my freedom and the freedom of all
I choose love over separation
I choose forgiveness over alienation
I take responsibility for everything in my life - for it is my creation

3. I align with the paradigm of freedom:
The one and only thing that I always, and all ways, have is freedom over my thoughts.
I may not be able to control the thoughts that randomly appear in my mind,
but I can choose to believe them or let them go.
My freedom comes in choosing thoughts that set me free - and freeing the thoughts that imprison me.

Freedom is not somewhere in the future or somewhere out there - it is right here, right now.
When you let go of all your worries, all your troubles and rise above the mind that perceives
that these things can even be true, you enter into Divine Liberation where your freedom is
guaranteed and eternally available. When you align with your natural and intrinsic freedom, your life must also experience this alignment. This is how the Truth Sets You Free. It all works out great so Enjoy the Ride!

Happy Independence Day!

In grace & gratitude,

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