Infinite Supply

Nanice Ellis

That which we don't surrender to The Infinite
is exactly where we don't trust The Infinite.

If we worry about finances, the worry is an indicator of
holding on to the "problem of lack"
instead of Giving It Up to Infinite Supply.

When we don't trust Infinite Supply with our financial well being
or abundance, we somehow believe that we can do better than this unlimited Well of Supply.
All the while forgetting that there is Only One True Source of Well Being,
and it is not how hard we work, money we make or anything in the physical world.

How is it that we so easily believe that physical reality brings us our good,
when there would be no reality without the One True Source that creates reality?

What would happen if you stopped looking to the physical world for your well being and abundance and instead you went directly to the Source?

Look Deeper - to the Source of Everything.

Affirmation: The Universe is abundant in all it has and does. I am part of the this abundant Universe, and therefore I am also in the flow of abundance. My only job is to be a receiver and giver of good, good acts and especially good thoughts, and in that receiving and giving, all that I need flows to me in avalanches of abundance.

In grace & gratitude,

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