Is Spirituality Keeping You Asleep?

Nanice Ellis

Although many paths lead to awakening, and there’s no one right way to “get there,” spiritual seekers often get lost in the system of spirituality and never reach the awakened state.

In fact, while on the spiritual path, it is quite common to trade one set of beliefs, (dogma, concepts, etc...) for another, especially during Stage 3 of Awakening (please read my article, “The 5 Stages of Awakening”), and although new spiritual beliefs might provide some degree of awakening, trading one set of beliefs for another inevitably inhibits the final stage. Consequently, like a carrot on a stick, awakening is perpetually out of reach!

On the journey of awakening, if you mistake the bridge for the destination, the bridge itself could keep you asleep!

So, what exactly are some of these bridges?

Although a spiritual bridge can be almost anything, the most popular include:

  • Healing modalities (energy healing, etc…)
  • Divination methods (tarot, numerology, etc… )
  • Mystical experiences (extrasensory perception, mediumship, remote viewing, etc…)
  • Gurus, spiritual teachers, shamans, psychic readers, energy healers, etc…
  • Plant medicines or psychedelics
  • Spiritual practices or traditions

Don’t mistake the bridge for the destination!

Let’s be clear, this does not mean that you should avoid spiritual methods or anything you find helpful on your spiritual journey, and, in fact, a variety of modalities are immensely valuable, and some even accelerate awakening. However, no matter how powerful or profound a tool, technique or teacher might be, they are still just stepping stones. Although stepping stones can create an incredible bridge to awakening, if you mistake the bridge for the destination, you could get stuck in limbo, and this is the reason why so many devote seekers get close to awakening yet never transcend the invisible threshold.

There are 3 common ways in which seekers mistake the bridge for the destination:

  • Obsessive dependency on any one system, teacher, or modality.
  • Giving one’s power to a system, teacher, or modality.
  • “Serial bridge hopping” from one teacher, system or modality to the next.

The Proverbial Gate

Have you ever heard of the proverbial “gate of awakening”?

Well, it’s said that to enter the true and clear state of wakefulness, you must pass through an invisible gate, and since nothing gets through this gate, you cannot bring anything with you. In fact, for eons, it’s been said that only the “pure of heart” can enter.

What you might not know is that this is ancient code for letting go, and, in fact, the term “pure of heart” means that you are not encumbered with beliefs or entangled with any person, place or thing.

Therefore, to attain spiritual awakening, you must ultimately let go of virtually everything!

No matter the path or practice, all awakened beings have one thing in common - the final step of awakening is always letting go.

Although letting go is the key to awakening, this does not mean that you must leave your family, friends, careers, or society. In fact, the normal day to day dynamics of life do not have to change one bit (unless inner guidance directs otherwise). Rather than letting go of actual people, places and things, awakening requires letting go of beliefs, dogma, concepts, attachments, and entanglements, as well as all the paradigms that have kept us collectively asleep.

Since holding onto anything can keep us asleep in the illusion, even the tools, modalities, systems, and techniques used for awakening can be hidden traps that prevent the very thing they are intended for, and this means that even that which gets us to the proverbial gate of awakening must be dropped before we can pass through.

Spiritual Sovereignty

Once again, there is absolutely nothing wrong with any bridge to awakening, and I’m certainly not implying that you should stop practicing something that works for you. Honestly, I have thoroughly explored many of these bridges myself, referred others to do the same, and even practiced various modalities professionally.

In most cases, the bridge (system, modality, technique, process, teacher, etc…) is not the problem, but, rather, the way in which it is used. Therefore, the point is to think for yourself, and, ultimately, seek spiritual sovereignty! So, instead of giving your power to an organization, individual or modality, embrace your inner power, own your worth, and cultivate a direct connection to Source.

(for more on this topic, please read my articles, “The Spiritual Middleman” and “The 5 Stages of Awakening”)

In love, grace & gratitude,

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