Is the Ego Program Running You?

Nanice Ellis

It is said that we are spiritual beings playing a human game, but if we are wise spirits, why is the game of life so difficult for so many?

First, we must understand that in order to play the game of life, we need roles and identities so that we may participate as players in the game. These individual roles and identities are programmed into each of us in order to create the “reality-construct” that we call our lives.

The name of this Master Program is called the ego, and its purpose is to produce and project reality. The ego-program influences all inter-actions and everything in your life, including your relationships and your experience of the world. The ego-program resides in your subconscious mind, but it is not your subconscious mind.

The ego-program is much like a loading system for all the programs that create your specific life. There is a program for every aspect of the thing that you call you. Other sub-programs can also be inserted into the ego-program such as the fitting in program, worthiness program and the depression program. This may sound very much like the matrix – because, in some ways, it is.

The ego is not inherently bad – it is simply an operating system for a particular experience of life, and it does a great job for what it was intended. At its core, it is a survival program or mechanism, with the primary function of keeping you alive. You might say that the human race would not have survived without this mechanism – so in this way, the ego-program has been essential.

Here is the problem: because the ego is responsible for survival, it is hypersensitive to threats – both physical and emotional, and especially threats to the ego itself. Therefore, it is extremely susceptible to anything that might cause danger, in any way. A program does what a program is programmed to do – this means that if someone knows how the program operates in the psyche, they have power to directly affect human experience. The ego-program can be controlled through outside sources by inserting fear-based beliefs that threaten survival. If you can control this program, you can control people. It is no mystery that we are constantly bombarded with fear-based material every day through the media and other sources.

The world at large supports beliefs in separation, competition and scarcity because these beliefs keep the ego active – in survival mode. As long as the negative aspects of the ego are running the show, life is difficult, and it is extremely challenging to consciously create, as we were truly meant to. When the ego-program is in overdrive, as it is with the majority of people on the planet, it is as if we are in a mental prison of our own design.

Like all programs, this program can be re-programmed for different results, but deletion is not the solution because the ego also provides much good. Since it also projects your personality, you wouldn’t be you without your ego.

The ego-program was intended, by the Creator, to work with you and for you, but if you are not in charge of the program, it controls you. Signs that the ego is controlling you are feelings of fear, anxiety and worry – basically, feelings of being out of control – because you are.

There is no doubt that you can, and must, reclaim control of the ego, but first you must realize that the program is running – and it is running you.

In order to reclaim your power it is important to understand how the program operates.

The ego-program operates through the System of Thought.

Virtually every limiting thought that you have is a result of this program, and every time you believe these thoughts you re-enforce the program; hence it grows stronger by learning how to control you.

The reason why it has always been so difficult to control your thoughts is because they are being run by an internal program. You are literally attempting to override the program every time you try to think different thoughts than the ones that are presented to you.

This is not a cause for fear or feeling victimized. This awareness is an opportunity for empowerment because if you know what is keeping you trapped, you can begin to cast it away. You only have power over something when you are aware of it.

Since the program controls you through your thoughts, your thoughts are the key to reprograming your ego. You cannot stop your thoughts from running but you can disempower them by letting go and withdrawing your attention. Who says that you must believe all your thoughts?

As you stop listening to your every thought, and you allow thoughts to pass without giving them energy or attention, the program begins to lose control.

This does not mean that we become “thoughtless.” Just the opposite – the key is becoming thoughtful, and consciously choosing exactly which thoughts to believe. You may not be able to control your thoughts because the program runs them until you wake up, but you can consciously choose which thoughts to believe and which thoughts to release.

I know it is challenging to “ignore” negative thinking but your life and your ability to live your life, and be free, depends on it. There is nothing of greater value than taking back control of your mind. Your mind is powerful technology and it is time that you become a master technician.

Your power lies in choosing which thoughts to believe, and which thoughts to drop.

You must determine what is most important to you in your life and then consciously choose to believe thoughts that are in alignment with that intention; you must then give those thoughts your full attention. When thoughts come up that are not in alignment with your highest intention, you simply do not give them attention. In the simplest form, perhaps this means that you give your attention to thoughts of love and you retract your attention from thoughts of judgment or fear. As you create consistent thought patterns that align with your intention, the program begins to transform. This is the mechanics of reprogramming the ego.

Only you know what is in your highest good but here are some suggestions:

  • Stop believing thoughts about powerlessness or limitation.
  • Stop believing thoughts about worthiness or not being good enough.
  • Stop believing thoughts about aging or loss.
  • Stop believing thoughts that create fear, anxiety or worry.
  • Stop believing thoughts that cause doubt.
  • Stop believing thoughts that promote scarcity.
  • Stop believing judgmental thoughts or any thoughts that make you feel bad or down.

Again, you cannot stop these thoughts from arising because they are programmed, but you can consciously choose not to give them your mental energy, and therefore not to give them your power.

The bottom line is, what thoughts do you wish to “give consciousness”? If you do not give a thought your attention through your consciousness, it has no power. Thoughts only become things when you give your energy to them.

If you cannot release a low vibration thought or turn your attention away from it, at the very least, ask yourself, “How do I know that this thought is true?” Or, “What if this thought wasn’t true?”

The less power you give disempowering thinking, the more control you will gain over the ego -and your life.

The key to mastering the ego-program, so that it works for you rather than against you, is in becoming conscious of all the thoughts you think and to be selective as to which thoughts you give your attention and which thoughts to release.

Yes, I know that it takes work and effort but nothing you can do is of greater value. As long as the ego-program controls you, the game of life will be challenging and overwhelming. But, once you master this program, you will attain the power to consciously create the life of your dreams. No one can do it for you, but you can do it for yourself.

As you free your mind – you free your life!

Re-Programming Command:

I now take command of my ego. My ego now listens to me and abides by the instructions that I give it. I am responsible for my own life and I no longer need the ego to make my choices. I am now aligned with my higher self and I choose love and harmony.

In grace & gratitude,
Nanice Ellis

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