Is Your Past Limiting You?

Nanice Ellis

Are you unconsciously creating your future
by holding onto past memories?

When we identify with past memories,
we unconsciously create future events
based on a very biased interpretation of our personal history.

We might have dreams and desires for the future,
but the belief in limitation that comes from preserving past memories,
often inhibits those dreams and desires from manifesting.

If you suddenly lost your memories of the past,
your future would drastically change.
But you don’t have to get amnesia to wake up,
and become a conscious creator.

From an awakened state, we learn from the past,
but then we let it go – along with all perception of limitation.
From this state of Now, we look to the future
and we project our limitless desires out
onto the screen that we call tomorrow.


I am a conscious and timeless creator.
I am not bound to my memories of the past.
I live fully in this moment.
I have dreams and desires without limitation.
I use the power of my imagination
to envision exactly what I choose for my life.
So Be It.

This is your life, live it well.

In grace & gratitude,

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