Judgment Be Gone!

Nanice Ellis

Judgment Be Gone!

If one has a reaction of any sort, they are experiencing their own judgment towards others and towards themselves

You cannot judge and be happy at the same time.

You cannot judge and be free at the same time.

You cannot judge and be your most true authentic self.

When we make others wrong in order to be right, we prohibit transcendence to a more wakeful state. Many religions and spiritual studies use judgment in order to direct the path to knowing a higher power. The convoluted part is that judgment is the biggest suppressor and hindrance to awakening, and having a direct experience with that higher power.

When someone really wakes up, it doesn't matter how anyone else lives their lives or the choices they make; even if some "misjudgments" spew onto them. You see it's really none of our business - that tickles me silly because I use to be in the hypnotic program called "it's all about me." I am so relieved to wake up to a higher, more empowering truth that knows; nothing is ever really about me. You know when this happens because you no longer have strongly held positions; even if someone is mean and nasty towards you, you are unaffected; maybe you are curious and fascinated but you are not entangled and struggling with it in anyway.

Take a deep breath because the path will finally reveal that there is no right or wrong; only that which we imagine to be.

What do you choose to imagine?

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