Just Say “No” to Aging! - The Fountain of Youth is Within!

Nanice Ellis

Honestly, do you ever allow age to define you, or, do you allow others to define you by age?

When you think about all the stereotypes that come with getting older, and the limitations associated, do you ever wish you could get off the “aging conveyer belt”?

No doubt, society brainwashes us to believe that aging makes us less valuable, and, as a result, the anti-aging industry racks up billions of dollars each year, but what if the fight against aging actually ages us? Maybe our approach to age and aging is all wrong?

The Choice to be Ageless!

Some time ago, during a “landmark birthday” I made a decision that changed my life forever. To liberate myself from age-related stereotypes, I stopped counting years. So, now, when people ask my age, I smile and tell them, “I’m ageless!”

Whether you’re twenty-two or ninety-nine, this is your invitation to liberate yourself too, and become ageless! What if you didn’t know how old you were? Who would you be without age?

However, I’m not talking about a new relationship with aging. I’m talking about a new relationship with life that has nothing to do with age! In fact, instead of rejecting or resisting age, I’m suggesting that you drop it all together. Yes, that’s right, just file it away as a non-issue. Since you are not your age, why should you be defined by it? Indeed, age is no reason to limit potential or the possibilities of life. If age makes you feel old and weary, what good is it?

So, are You Ready for a Radical Approach to Aging?

How to Be Ageless

The first thing you should know is that aging is a subconscious program that can be changed. Since many subconscious programs (including aging) are based on beliefs, you can reprogram the subconscious mind by altering your beliefs. In fact, whatever you believe, your subconscious will believe too, and once your subconscious believes something, it creates programming that automatically executes those beliefs.

Beliefs Age You or Set You Free!

Now, there is nothing wrong with aging - it is just another ride in the amusement park of life, but if you want a long, healthy, vibrant and fulfilling life, you need beliefs that facilitate health and longevity.

When you identify with age and aging, your body obediently demonstrates the beliefs associated with aging, and, more specifically, it manifests the negative attributes applied to each age group.

Many of us have beliefs about how long we will live, or beliefs in regard to certain age markers, such as 50, 60, 70, etc.... When you believe that a certain age marks decline, and it’s downhill after that, your body will respond accordingly. For instance, if you tell your body you only have a few good years left, your body will prepare for a few good years, and then crash. Believe it or not, age can never limit you as much as age-related beliefs.

Often, we get our beliefs about aging from watching our parent’s age, and then we use their age-related experiences to predict our own, thereby, duplicating the process in ourselves. We also inherit beliefs from specific cultures and society as a whole, but, no matter the source, nothing is true until we make it true - by believing it. The good news is, if we have the power to make limiting beliefs true, we also have the power to make them untrue.

The way in which we age might seem unavoidable, especially when it comes to genetics, but even the programming of our genes can be altered. Whether or not, you resemble your mother or father, your body belongs to you, and no matter where your beliefs originated, they’re yours now. Therefore, you can consciously reprogram your body with beliefs that support health, vitality, and even agelessness. However, please keep in mind that your actions and behaviors must support any new beliefs.
If you pay attention to your thoughts, as well as the stories you tell about your body, and getting older, your beliefs will be clearly revealed.

The Fountain of Youth

Rather than being a “far-off fairytale” or myth, the Fountain of Youth is both real and easily accessible. The Fountain of Youth is another way of describing the flow of Life Force Energy – this is the energy that creates and sustains life in all living beings. Just like a continuous fountain, Life Force Energy naturally flows into all of us, and, in fact, as the primary source of life, without it we perish.

When Life Force Energy flows freely and abundantly, as intended, life-long youthfulness is the result, but when inhibited, we ultimately age. We can live without food for weeks, without water for days, without air for minutes, but we cannot live without Life Force Energy for even a moment.

Life Force Energy is the key to longevity, and the best tonic for youthfulness! Better yet, it’s free and readily available!


We tend to think that we lose energy as we get older, but this simply isn’t true. Energy is not depleted with age, but, rather, inhibited through complacency. Although an abundance of Life Force Energy is always available, the Universe operates according to an “as needed” basis, and, therefore, we only have access to the energy we need, when we need it.

Since the Universe supplies as much energy as needed for any endeavor or type of expression, the more open, playful and adventurous you are, the more Life Force Energy you will naturally receive.

Therefore, if you are generally sedentary, non-expressive, or not following a dream, the Universe will only provide the energy required to survive. This means, if you stop experiencing life because you think you are too old to do what you really want to do, you will lose energy, and you will age. When you suppress self-expression, you suppress the Life Force Energy necessary for health and wellbeing. Keep in mind, if you spend much of your life doing things you don’t want to do, Life Force Energy is also diminished.

Since energy flows through inspiration, exploration, creativity, and contribution, following your dreams unleashes a bottomless well of energy; a dream can be anything you love to do, including dancing, painting, gardening, socializing, innovating, collaborating, etc…

Live Life – Get Energy!

The “On” and “Off” Switch

Life Force Energy flows relative to self-love, so when we experience chronic self-judgment, guilt, regret, or any type of self-abandonment that causes us to withhold self-love, we inhibit the flow of Life Force Energy. Hence, self-deprivation and negativity inevitably clogs the Fountain of Youth.

It’s no secret that chronic negative thinking causes premature aging - especially when it comes to judging one’s own body. In fact, every time you think or speak negatively about your body, it believes you and obeys accordingly. Does your body hear you say, I hate you or I love you?

No doubt, the way we treat our bodies on a daily basis is reflected in the look and feel of our bodies. Therefore, if we are careless (eating poorly, sedentary, etc..), the body inevitably deteriorates. In just the same way, if we don’t take care for our homes with love and maintenance, they also deteriorate. Fortunately, it’s never too late for renovation!

Just like fine wine, if you cultivate your mind and body year after year, you’ll only get better with time. By implementing “aged wisdom,” we can develop a conscious approach to health and well-being that supersedes genetics. Through this mindset, each year is an opportunity for continued practice, and, since healthy practices are accumulative, the longer we practice self-care, the stronger and healthier our minds and bodies become.

Just as negativity and neglect inhibit the flow of rejuvenating energy, self-love turns on the Fountain of Youth!

What Stories do You Tell Your Body?
The stories we tell determine the results we experience in every area of life, and, especially, when it comes to the body. When we are young, we react to physical challenges as something to overcome, but as we get older, we often interpret those same physical challenges as proof of physical deterioration, and instead of choosing to heal and thrive beyond our challenges, we tell ourselves a different story. Inevitably, as we apply negative meaning to physical challenges, we inhibit the flow of Life Force Energy, and, consequently, we make ourselves immune to youthful healing, and we perpetuate aging.

Age is Not an Excuse

Moreover, if you really want to be ageless, never use age as an excuse. When age is an excuse to ignore our dreams, avoid new opportunities, or remain sedentary, we unknowingly program the mind/body to age. Fortunately, you are never too old for a new career, romance or creative project, and, in fact, the pursuit of new endeavors will keep you young and vibrant.

What about “Acting Your Age”?

Whatever you do, don’t act your age! If you want to stay young, “acting your age” is the worst thing you can do. Instead, have the courage to express the Real You!
After years and years of growth and development, you finally have the wisdom and wherewithal to really live life, so why not live like you are ageless! Therefore, remain open to new possibilities and give yourself permission to do something that’s never been done before (by you!).

Why not live on the leading edge and take some chances along the way? Be both inspired and inspiring, and, if you happen to fail from time to time, don’t cry a pity party. Instead, throw yourself a fabulous bash, celebrate your courageous failures, and begin again. Without self-imposed age constraints, there’s plenty of time for “do-overs.” So, why not allow self-expression to be the driving force? Since it’s never too late to discover who you really, live your life out-loud, and be free!

Finally, if you choose to be ageless, allow others to be ageless as well. So, instead of judging someone according to age, set them free! When you see others beyond the filter of age, you see the real person behind the moving number.

So, right now, why not cast age to the wind, and be liberated, and when people ask how old you are, simply smile, and tell them you are ageless!

It’s never too late to be ageless….

With love, grace & gratitude,

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