Justifying Another's Behavior

Nanice Ellis

Does justifying someones behavior keep you from setting boundaries?
If you say, "She only treats me like that because of the way she was treated,"
you are not doing her or yourself a favor by justifying her actions. 
A person's past does not justify the way they treat you now.
You never need to accept being treated poorly.
By showing people how to treat you, you honor yourself and you honor them.

Keep in mind that forgiving someone for their actions is very different than justifying their actions.
Forgiveness is clean and clear and needs no justification. 

A side note:
Sometimes I write from within the illusion,
and other times, I speak from outside the illusion.
Today's DivineSpiration is written from within the illusion.
Outside the illusion, no one is doing anything to anyone.
No one can be hurt or be the one who hurts.
There is no separation.  There is only  One.
There is only Love.

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