Land of OZ

Nanice Ellis

The Land of OZ

Awakening into the Dream

At that moment when I awake I no longer believe the land of OZ was ever fake.

I pull back the curtain and what do I see? Behind that thin veil - there was only me.

I cry to myself, "What a relief!" All my fears were just false beliefs!

I see the scarecrow look pensively at me. His head on his shoulders - he can finally be.

No longer so hollow that sound of tin. It was a long good fight - he would finally win.

The lion's heart is fearless now. His badge of courage shines in the crowd.

I turn to myself and what do I say "What did Dorothy seek to get on her way?"

The answer is simple It always was.

Home was the only echo - the only sound - that would ever come.

Then it all fell nicely into place - the shoes on my feet were already laced.

I turned to the lion and asked him again, "How do I get back to Kansas my friend?"

He said with a grin,"You already know." "But tell me again", I pleaded and begged!

"Don't you see" he said with a howl. "That hole has been filled with a peg and a dowel.

There is nothing more to do. You are already here.

Welcome home!

Maybe now you can know How much we all care?

There is space in our hearts and there always has been. You are the one who has run. But that was then."

And then she appeared as if from a dream. Her broom on her right - rising from steam!

I looked and I looked - but all I could see - my very own eyes looking back kindly at me.

In that second I knew - it was all very true. Now I could see there was nothing to do.

She lifted her broom and fiercely she wailed, "Ride that wild wave!It's time that you sailed"!

With a wave of her hand and a click of my heals - I floated in flight. We knew that was the deal.

Never a doubt as I turned back to see - All of the others flying with me!

Now here I am -

choosing to stay!

I will do what it takes

day after day.

The courage I found in my heart and my mind. I have claimed what I lost and all I denied.

All the doors - now opened and shut. No more if, ands or buts!

The choice is not to go or stay. The answer is clear - every step is my way.

At that moment when I awake

I surrender everything - I give to take.

In grace & gratitude,

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