Let Your Heart Break Open

Nanice Ellis

Have you ever wondered why most of us protect our hearts from breaking? The thing is, our hearts are meant to break. They are designed to break; for in the breaking we learn to love deeper and more intensely. Without the breaking open of our hearts, we would forever stay in an experience of limiting love.

The ironic part of protecting our hearts from breaking is when we protect our hearts from feeling too much hurt, we trap them in the apex of pain. Just like they say it is darkest before the dawn, it is most painful before the break. Once the heart actually does break wide open, the pain subsides and once again it is possible to breathe and take in life anew.

I stand on top the highest mountain on the first day of winter.
I surrender fully to the wind of the east; heart, body and soul.
To the wind of the south, I pray for the courage to let go beyond surrender.
To the wind of the west, I return the dagger that has secretly protruded from my heart;
not in victimhood or defense but rather in the illusion of protection.
To the north wind, I give the blood of my life,
knowing fully that with any fear at all,
it flows not and I
die a death one breath at a time.
As I break open to the light of a new day, I am free to love.

In grace & gratitude,

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