Living the Grand Dream

Nanice Ellis

Live your dreams “they” say, but how can you fully live your dreams when most of your time goes to financially supporting yourself and your family? Many people say that their dreams don’t pay the bills and they have no choice but to work 9 to 5, in order to put food on the table and a roof over their heads. When you have to spend 40 hours or more a week working so that you can eat and have a place to live, there is no time to live your dreams. Sometimes there is not even enough time to dream. Something is wrong with this picture.

Although most of us have been convinced that “this is just the way it is”, this way of life is not natural and certainly not spiritually, emotionally or physically healthy or conducive to well-being. Working to support your life instead of allowing life to support you is out of whack with the natural order of how life truly works.

Despite evidence to the contrary, there is a time in the future when people are not enslaved by a world where you must give more than you get, in order to survive. In this new world, people do what they love to do; everyone lives their dreams and expresses their gifts and talents as a way of life, all the while living a life of abundance in every way. Parents get to spend, not just quality time with their kids, but a quantity of quality time. Children get to grow up with full time parents who aren’t slaves to full time jobs. Competition is a thing of the past as everyone supports the dreams and well-being of everyone else. Scarcity and poverty are replaced with guaranteed prosperity and abundance. Every one eats, everyone is safe, and everyone flourishes. In a world where the well-being of each person is a priority, health insurance is replaced with the assurance of health, just as the epidemic of depression gives way to deep personal fulfillment.

This is not some idealistic utopia but the way in which Life on Earth was intended to be.

If you look deep inside, you will see that we are each on the planet today to bridge the gap from this old paradigm to a new earth paradigm. As we wake up from the old reality that keeps us trapped in jobs that barely support us financially, we begin to look for something more. In looking for that “something more,” our dreams also begin to awaken. Maybe we shoot them down or doubt our ability to overcome the obstacles that seem to be in our way, but nonetheless they grow stronger and stronger; like the morning sun coming over the horizon, our dreams begin to enlighten our world, pulling us out of the past and into the possibility of a better tomorrow.

Not only do we have the power to change the way in which life is lived on this planet, we are here to do it!

We each possess a key for transformation in the dreams that we hold, and when we begin to listen to those dreams, transformation begins to unfold. This isn’t an easy path because it goes against the grain. Anyone who goes against the grain is a pioneer of change but one-by-one, we are changing the direction of the grain – and that is the point.

So instead of complaining about the way things are or the unfairness of life, figure out what life is asking you to do. Instead of getting depressed over the hours spent working at a job you don’t like, or the inability to do something different – do something different.

I know that it can be scary and unpredictable and that change can be challenging, but we came here to make a profound difference. Billions of people on the planet have a burning desire to make that difference and to fulfill their purpose. What do you think that purpose is?

The purpose is for each of us to play our parts in shifting from the old paradigm to the new. The way in which you personally make a difference and contribute to world transformation is through pursuing your dream. Your purpose in life is to fulfill your dream. No matter how big or how small, all dreams are interconnected and make up the Grand Dream of an awakened world where everyone is free, empowered and honored for who they are – a world of peace, harmony and creative expression that benefits the whole.

Because there is only one grand dream, all the billions of parts of that dream fit perfectly together. Each of us represents one part of that grand dream. You only need be concerned with your part of the dream, even if you can’t see how your dream is interconnected with the dreams of others, or how it is important in the divine scheme.

You hold an important piece of the Great Puzzle for transforming humanity and this planet.

The piece of the puzzle that you hold is unlocked in the realization of your personal dream. This dream was custom made for you, just as you are custom-made for your dream. As you embrace your dream and take inspired action until you realize it, you complete your portion of the plan to transform life on Earth.

We don’t need everyone to fulfill their parts. We just need a threshold of dreamers willing to manifest their personal dreams in reality. The threshold is much smaller than you might think, but when this threshold is met, the universal shift in consciousness will be exponential and the whole will be elevated to the next level of consciousness, where everyone will be free to live their greatest dreams for the betterment of humanity.

There is only one you. No one else has ever been you, and no one else will ever be you. The part that you play in world transformation is manifested when you step forward and have the courage to dream a new dream and take inspired action to make that dream a reality. Your life is important, you are important, and now is the time to say YES to your dream!

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In grace & gratitude,
Nanice Ellis

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