Living Your Divine Purpose

Nanice Ellis

Living Your Divine Purpose

If there is a divine purpose to our existence at this time in history, it is to raise the vibration of the planet. Since trying to change the outside world is futile, the real work must be internal and that means changing our inner programs that create reality. In other words, do the one, and only, thing that we can do – master our thoughts. Your thoughts are the fabric of your beliefs. Your beliefs create paradigms that manifest in life.

We need beliefs and paradigms to manifest reality, so the idea is not to rid yourself of them but rather to align with ones that support your highest good and the highest good of all - which is always in unison.

Your divine purpose is to de-program your mind from limiting beliefs and to rise above old limiting paradigms as you do so. As you re-program yourself to a higher consciousness, you automatically raise your vibration. Any change in your vibration results in a re-organization of realty – a new reality. You single–handedly create a new reality by raising your vibration – thereby fulfilling your purpose. This is the basis for all who believe they are here to save or heal the planet.

What about all the billions of people who are still programmed into old paradigms?

There are as many versions of reality as there are conscious beings. As you raise your vibration, you experience a higher version of reality, and this includes all the people in your life – you experience a higher version of each and every one that you know. If you don’t like how someone is showing up, instead of asking that person to change, you change. You will know when you have successfully raised your consciousness in relation to this person, because you will experience significant and noticeable changes in him or her – but they really didn’t change. You have simply aligned yourself with a higher version of who they are. This is how you change the world. Your purpose is to wake up, become conscious and change the world by changing yourself.

As a teacher, healer or any other helping profession (which are most if you really think about it), your job is to live your life from a state of higher consciousness so that others may be called to rise up and reflect that back to you – and that is the point.

Trying to fix a problem, aligns you with the problem and creates more of what you want to change. Raising your consciousness allows you to rise above the problem, thereby aligning you with the solution.

The highest vibration is Love. Anything that is not love is of a lower vibration. This includes fear, jealousy, doubt, anger, frustration, judgment, etc….

How do you get from a lower vibration to a higher vibration?

It is a journey of thought, but it is really difficult to go from thoughts that provoke anger to thoughts that induce love. Luckily, there is an exit strategy that allows us to leave anger and other lower vibrations and rise to the vibration of love. That exit strategy is forgiveness. Forgiveness is a form of letting go. When you forgive yourself or another, you let go of the story that manifested the lower vibration emotion, and like a cork held under water and then released, you rise up – your vibration naturally rises and you find yourself in a higher consciousness.

From this Grand View on the mountain, everything is different, because you have reached a higher version of reality – a higher version of who you really are and a higher version of the world.

Portals to higher consciousness appear every time you open your heart to love – and that is the real point.

In grace & gratitude,
Nanice Ellis

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