Look For What is Right

Nanice Ellis

Just for today, look for what is right.
It's a survival instinct to look for what is wrong,
so that we can be on guard and protect ourselves.

The first problem is, whatever we look for, we find.
If you look for what is wrong,
you will find what is wrong.
The second problem is,
if you focus on what is wrong,
it will likely make you feel bad - lowering your vibration.

Now you are vibrating on the level of problems,
and attracting more problems.
Look for problems.Find problems.Attract more problems.
This is a recipe for failure.

What if, just for today,you looked for what is right?

So instead of being upset about the one driver who cut you off
you are grateful for the three who allowed you to merge.

Instead of being upset at your partner, child or friend for not being polite
you are appreciative for all the people who are.

Instead of looking for what you lack
you notice everything you have.

Notice the smiles and ignore the frowns.
Notice the gifts and ignore the growls.
Notice Love and Give Love at every opportunity.

Look for what is right, and you will find what is right.
When you feel good about all that is right with your world,
you raise your vibration and your world responds.
This is the real law of attraction.

In grace & gratitude,

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