Love is All You Need

Nanice Ellis

As a gift, my kids presented me with a picture that says "Love is all you need' - and they each signed the back. Of course it made me cry, but just now as I am really looking at the words, I got a deeper understanding of love which I share with you here:

There is a Field called Love.
Feeling and expressing love is how we access this Field of Love.

We can consciously enter the field and emanate love from the field,
every time we open our hearts
and feel love for (or from) another, the world, the Divine or ourselves.

When we are clearly in a state of love,
everyone who comes in contact with us
must also enter into the field of love.

Some may be delighted to dance with you in love,
while others may do everything they can to try to pull you out.

Sometimes we may drop out of this field
in order to connect with someone who
is not feeling loving or lovable.
But this is not in their highest good or yours.

The highest choice you can make is to remain in the field of love,
and to invite others to join you.
As more and more of us commit to doing this,
eventually the whole world will be inside the field of love.
This is how we transform the world - because from
within the field of love, you cannot harm another or the world.
Love has always been the answer
because it is the One Truth.

Once you get really good at living in the Field of Love,
you will likely realize that Love really is All You Need!


Love is all you need by the Beatles -

In grace & gratitude,
Nanice Ellis


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