Making Miracles Happen on Purpose!

Nanice Ellis

Making Miracles Happen on PURPOSE!

This is a secret key to manifestation.

What makes miracles happen? It is simple. Miracles happen all the time but the human mind cannot perceive most miracles because "miracles" occur outside of the imagined boundaries that the mind has created in the context of a predetermined and particular reality. That is actually what makes them "miracles". Miracles can be perceived and experienced only when the human mind exhausts all logical possibilities for a solution. When it cannot find or create a solution, the perimeters of what is logically possible falls to the ground. This is often experienced as a feeling of "all hope is gone." Think about all the times when you gave up hope, and suddenly a miracle happened. Ironically, it was the hope that stopped you from actually seeing and experiencing the miracle. In this context, it appears that hope is a logical belief. In other words, when I hope that something will turn out a certain way, I likely have a logical story attached to how it will happen. As soon as I release hope, I release the story, and then anything is possible. Everything is possible. Once the mind and it's restrictions of what is logically possible drops, a possibility that has no logic or reason miraculously can appear. It takes the mind to drop the RULES to what can and cannot happen for miracles to appear and be seen. It is often in the sacred space of Hopelessness that this happens. In this space, anything can happen; miracles can happen. Miracles cannot happen if we are stuck between logic and common sense because our experience of life must meet our standards of normalcy as to what can happen; that is why we can't even see the SENSELESS MIRACLES that continuously happen all around us. The key to creating and manifesting miracles is to open and expand your mind into the realm of what is illogical, unbelievable and magical. See you on the other side!

Take The PLEDGE!

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