Making Your Life Come ALIVE!!!

Nanice Ellis

On a recent morning I awoke from a magical dream. I dreamt that I was at a beautiful lake; and while walking through the park around it, I stopped and noticed a stone statue of a person. As I was Paying Attention to it and noticing its beauty, it came alive and started speaking to me. This didn't seem at all unusual and I was delighted in this interaction. When I went on to the next statue, my attention once again made it come alive, and this was repeated over and over again. Each time a statue came alive, I felt more and more alive myself. When i finally awoke from this wonderful dream, this feeling of aliveness showed itself to me as a tingling throughout my whole body. I thought about the dream all day until the obvious became obvious. We have the gift and ability to make people come alive. When we pay attention to someone, they come alive. Think about it. When we don't pay attention to people, they are really like statues to us; they are non-existent, but when we do pay attention to someone by seeing them, hearing them or simply appreciating their beauty, they come alive. In other words, people come alive when we love them. Imagine, right now, that you have the gift and ability to make someone come alive! And better yet, when you make someone else come alive, you come alive too!!! A gift that instantly begets a gift. It's the gift that keeps on giving... And we are not just talking about people, we are talking about life. Life comes alive when we love it. This is the Secret of Making Your Life Come ALIVE!!!!! So this is your invitation to make your world come alive. How do you this? By Paying Attention and Noticing Everything and Every One, but not just paying attention and noticing but actually paying attention and noticing the Beauty of What is! The Beauty of what is in Everyone and Everything. And most important of all, while you are at it - start paying attention and noticing the beauty that is in YOU!!!! The Beauty that is YOU!!!! Every time you notice the Beauty that is You, You Come Alive. Good Morning Sunshine!

In grace & gratitude,

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