Mental Objections

Nanice Ellis

Often we don't manifest what we desire because we have a list of Mental Objections.
Mental Objections are all the reasons we can't have what we desire.
Mental Objections create a firm belief that what we really want is not possible.

I can't get that job because I am not qualified.
I cant have the money I need because I don't know where it will come from.
I can't get into the school of my choice because my grades aren't good enough.

When the belief in our Mental Objections is stronger than what we desire,
we are, in fact, correct - what we want is not possible.
Not because the Universe cannot make it so, and not because
our Mental Objections are right; but rather because we give our power
and the power of the Universe over to the belief that it is just not possible.

Each Mental Objection is like a barricade in the road to the realization of your dream.
What stops your dream from manifesting are not your Mental Objections,
but rather your belief that they are real and true.

The thing is, you can be, do or have anything that you desire.
There is no such thing as impossible to the Omnipotent Universe.

You only need stop doing the thing that impedes the Magical Abilities of the Universe,
and that thing is always believing your made up reasons of why you can't have what you want.

What would happen if you just stopped believing Mental Objections
and allowed the full Power of the Universe to bring to you what you truly desire

In grace & gratitude,
Nanice Ellis


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