Money KNOWS.....

Nanice Ellis

Money comes and goes.

Money grows and falls.

Money turns and goes

and comes again.

Just like the cycle of creation. Just like the endless cycle of Life.

Money has no limits or attachments and could care less whose possession she is in.

Money knows that it is not real and that all this fighting and competing over her is silly and futile.

Money laughs at herself and knows that all is always good and well.

Money doesn't pretend to have power over anyone, and she is confused and amazed that billions of people, all over the world, have given her their ultimate power.

She thinks "that's like making a child's doll your God"

Money knows that we made her up out of our imagination and that we can also use our imagination to make up an even better exchange of energy that doesn't require many to lose for some to win.

Money understands that as soon as we humans wake up to realize that there is never anything to need, or run out of, and

the Universe is infinitely abundant and giving,

money's job will be obsolete.

Money acquiesces that she had a good long reign and now she is ready to retire in history as a silly idea that some fear-based humans once had.

Money is ready to be a long-forgotten myth that no one in the future will ever really believe.

Money knows that when she is put to rest,

the only thing left of her will be pure love. She delights in the anticipation that we will all, one day, truly know her to be that Pure Love!

In grace & gratitude,

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