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My 4 year old grandson, Alta, was having nightmares that were waking him up at night,
and causing him to scream for hours.

One day, when he was ready, I spoke with him and showed him that the scary monster was in his own mind. I explained that as long as he tried to fight the monster, the monster would gain power, but the monster had no other power besides the power that Alta gave him.

I showed Alta that the way to overcome the monster was to look the monster in the eyes, and say, "You are not real."

The following night, as he spoke the truth, the monster disappeared.
Once Alta took his power back from the monster, the monster had no power of its own.
That is the point.

As you see through the illusion, and call it unreal, the illusion dissolves and what is left is love and light.

All darkness is illusion. Shed light on darkness by calling it unreal, and the darkness immediately gives way to the light.

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