More Than Happiness

Nanice Ellis

Many of us spend our lives chasing whatever we think will bring us happiness,
and there is nothing wrong with the quest for happiness or anything else for that matter.
The problem is that if you are not connected to Who You Really Are, nothing will make you happy or keep you happy. Nothing.

Connectedness is what everyone is looking for but most people don't have a clue.

We are talking about being connected to the source of life, god, the universe - whatever you want to call it...."IT!"

The interesting thing is that it would be impossible not to be connected. There would be no life.
The connection is intrinsic - as it is the source of what you are.

On a cloudy day, you don't doubt the existence of the sun.
You just wait for the clouds to move
or you move to a place where the clouds do not cover the sun.

The Source of who you are is like the sun, and what keeps you from experiencing the connection to Source is like the clouds.

What do the clouds represent for you?
The clouds may be fear, dis-trust, regret, guilt, shame, blame, attachment, etc...
Clouds do not have substance, but when enough of them come together, a barrier is created.

Habitual disempowering thoughts and beliefs create this barrier - not a random thought, 
but thoughts that you think over and over.

The purpose of meditation, yoga and infinite other modalities and processes
is to create a path to connectedness.

But here are some other paths:
Forgiveness, Surrender, Gratitude, Trust, Faith, Love.

The evolution of humanity is directly related to our individual ability to get connected and stay connected, so that the same infinite and all knowing Source can shine through each being. This is harmony.

In grace & gratitude,
Nanice Ellis

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