New Years Resolutions: a great list!

Nanice Ellis

This year, instead of trying to change the effects of your life, how about making a New Years Resolution that changes you?

Face a fear that keeps you from moving forward in life Go outside your comfort zone on a daily basis Forgive your past self - for all "wrong doings" Forgive your parents, ex-spouse, siblings, former friends - you know who Do the thing that you really want to do - if only you had more time Stop making excuses; this includes rationalization and justification Tell yourself the truth (you know it anyway) Love your body, just the way it is! Become Self-Full - and get all your emotional, physical and spiritual needs met (do it for yourself) Stop blaming and shaming others Stop blaming and shaming yourself Stop worrying about what others will think - be yourself Speak your mind Improve your communication; so that when you speak your mind, others "get it" Stop judging others, especially when you think you know what is best for them (this includes your children) Stop judging yourself Slow down - stop rushing through life - every moment counts as a sacred gift to you Give up worrying - there is nothing to worry about - it all turns out fine in the end (and if its not fine, its not the end) Let go of the way you think it has to be ("it" meaning everything) Allow for Miracles Soften Laugh a lot more Cry when you need to cry Rethink your priorities - with the end in mind Listen to your heart Clarify your dreams Choose yourself for the starring role of your dreams Develop your intuition Make raising your vibration your number one priority - everything else will come much easier if you are vibrating high Clean up all negative thinking! Share your spiritual experiences; others are having them too, and when you share, so can they Be responsible for your energy at all times Stop shifting responsibility onto anyone or anything - this only dis-empowers you! Listen to your life Choose Life - and choose to really live it Let everyone you love know it! Show and Tell! Perform a random act of kindness everyday Learn to receive as well as you give Declare your worth unconditional Value your time, energy and ideas Set boundaries that support your worth and value Celebrate your life Mind your own business - it is not even your business what others think about you BE Present - in every moment of every day; at first it takes effort, but at some point, it becomes effortless, and you are in the flow of life. Connect to the Source of who you really are - every day! Stay Connected!

I'd love to hear about your New Years Resolution; what inspires you and what challenges you? Please email me to share. Happy New Year! Love, Nanice Click here for your New Years Breakthrough Manifestation Session -

In grace & gratitude,

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