No One Can Tell You

Nanice Ellis

No one can tell you who you are.
This is the one thing that you must decide.
All else will come from this one thing.

Your parents, teachers, friends and society have tried to tell you who you are.
Maybe for a time, you believed one or all of them.
Maybe you created and lived your life accordingly.
Maybe it has worked and maybe it has not.
Regardless - this is not you.
You are not any ideal, philosophy, religion, dogma or belief that anyone, at anytime, has placed upon you.

If something feels as if it is missing - that something is you.
This something is not hidden out in the world,
as you might be led to believe.
It is hidden within you.

There is only One Key to unlocking this hidden place.
You have always had this key.
Even in the darkest of moments,
you have always had this key -
because you are the key.

This key is activated when you stop seeking the answers out there,
and you take your power back from everyone and everything.

This means disregarding the mess of beliefs and shadows that have been cast upon you by others.
This means having the courage to go beyond external chatter, and even internal chatter,
and looking where you have never looked before.
You may say that you do not know where this hidden place is,
but you do.

No One Can Tell You. 

In grace & gratitude,

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