Old Issues Flaring Up?

Nanice Ellis

Old Issues Flaring Up?

Why is it that sometimes when we reach a higher state of consciousness, old issues flare up and bring us down?

When we grow, transform and reach a higher level of consciousness, any part of us that is not in alignment with this higher consciousness must be exposed and released.

Hidden or unresolved issues flare up in order for us to heal that part of us, so that we can be in total alignment.

Let’s say that you had a transformative experience and you are seeing the world in a whole new way, but you cannot maintain it because an old issue keeps coming up and bringing you down. The thing to understand is that the issue can only arise if a part of you is still holding onto the issue. If you don’t have an issue, it cannot arise.

Issues arise in order to be of service – to point out where this issue still exists. This is not to punish you or to keep you inundated with karma, but rather to show you, and invite you to look at it and heal it. Issues only come up in order to be healed.

If you get caught up in an issue without releasing it, it will pull you down, and out of your high space. But, if you accept the invitation and you work through the issue and release it, you free that issue and you free yourself from that issue. Ultimately, you reach an even higher level than before, and that is the point.

When issues do come up, it is essential to be honest, loving and forgiving of yourself – and others. With this attitude, issues can now be healed and released easier and quicker than ever before.

In grace & gratitude,
Nanice Ellis

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