Own Your Vibe

Nanice Ellis

Your experiences and relationships always represent
the highest and lowest parts of your consciousness.
You cannot have relationships or experiences that are lower
or higher than any part of your consciousness.
In fact, it is the outside world that unfailing tells you
about your range of consciousness.

Just as you can only hear what is within a certain auditory frequency,
you can only see and perceive what is within your vibratory frequency.
If you want to change an undesirable situation or relationship,
the only thing that you need to do is raise your vibration
to a level where the undesirable is no longer perceivable.
If you are not experiencing reality or relationships in a way that you do desire,
your only work is to raise your vibration to such a level of consciousness
where you can perceive that which you desire.

Most people live in such a way that they take their cues
from what they are experiencing.
In other words, if the people in their lives are nice, they feel good.
If the people in their lives are not nice, they feel bad.
The same with situations - if situations go their way, they feel good.
If they don't get their way, they feel bad.
If most everyone is living like this, who is in charge?

It seems like this is the normal way to live -
but only because no one has ever taught us differently.
Living this way keeps you powerless, because how you feel
is always determined by outside events and other people.

Owning your power means that you decide how you feel
and you don't leave your emotional state to chance.

You might say, how can I feel good, if bad things are happening
or my relationships are disharmonious?
But the opposite is true, bad things happen and people are disharmonious
because of how you feel.
How you feel, dictates your vibration
and your vibration always attracts like vibrations.
It might not seem to line up that way,
but that is only because reality is often on a delay.
What you feel today, very well, may be creating your tomorrow.

You might be thinking that it is crazy to ignore your current reality
in order to change your state of mind.
Well, isn't it crazy to allow outside events and people to dictate your life?
Reality is not at all what most of us think it is.
Reality is no more than the manifestations of your perceptions
and what you are wiling to allow into your experience.
There are uncountable realities for any one person at any given time.
The reality that clicks in for you
always lines up within your range of consciousness.
The way to shift your consciousness is through your thinking.
How you think is the only thing that you have any control over,
and how you think is the only thing that controls anything in your life.

If you could hold a consistent high vibration
for a long enough period of time, your whole world would change.
You would find yourself in a new reality -
your relationships would drastically improve
and your experiences would become amazing.

Stop waiting for life to tell you how to feel.
Instead, make feeling great your priority each day
and allow your days to conform to your high feeling vibe.

Own Your Vibration.
This means focusing on what you do want and not what you don't want.

This means....
Releasing negative and critical thinking.
Forgiving past and present foes.
Developing a practice of gratitude.
Noticing all the beauty in your life.
Replacing judgment with Love.

This means choosing kindness for yourself and others.


In grace & gratitude,

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