The Secrets of Abou! - Part 10

Nanice Ellis

The Secrets of Abou!

Channeled through Nanice

How do I release judgment?

You can't "release judgment". The very nature of judgment is separation. If you are separate you will judge. There will always be something to judge. It is like asking me "how do I stop breathing?" If you are alive, you will breathe. It is not judgment you want to stop, it is your feelings of separation. If you feel connected to one another, you will not judge. You will not do the things that separate you from each other. Judgment is only one of those things but there are many. Every time you think a thought that hurts another in any way, you separate. Anytime you value yourself more than another you separate. Anytime you waste your time and energy on things in order to please others you separate. Does this sound like a contradiction? The universe is full of contradictions and when you stop trying to compare one thing to another, there are no contradictions. It is only your human mind that needs to make sense of things. The problem is that the human mind cannot possible comprehend such a great truth. It cannot even comprehend who you are. As much as you try to figure it all out, you can't. You can't because the human mind cannot expand that much. You would have to surrender the human mind in order to understand a greater truth and then you would see that everything is in harmony and there is no conflict or contradiction anywhere. From this higher mind, you would also understand the essence of judgment and see how laughable it really is. What are you even judging? Does the mirror judge itself? Does the sky judge the Universe? What do you think you are judging anyway? It cannot even be real if you are judging it. But you want to know how to stop judging - very well. You stop judging by choosing to stop judging. Judgment is a choice that turns into a habit. Habits are hard to break but with intense focus any habit can be broken within a small period of time. But you must want more what you get from not having the habit than by having the habit. Do you see? If the habit pays off more than not having the habit, it will be very hard to change. You must get clear about this.

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