The Secrets of Abou! - Part 11

Nanice Ellis

The Secrets of Abou!

Channeled through Nanice

Why do we have so many lifetimes?

The reason why you have so many life times is because you keep collecting things - you collect fears, illusions, attachments and many other things that keep you from experiencing who you really are. When you keep adding things on - you make the body and soul very heavy and unnatural. It's like piling one rock on top of your chest after another. The first dozen or so rocks you may not notice so much and be able to adapt to but after a while they become very heavy in their combination and soon enough you cannot breathe. Sometimes it only takes one stone to do this - depending on the weight on that particular stone. Many of you think that the body is designed to live only a hundred or so years but the this is not so. They body is not "designed" at all. It is a moving energy. This would be like saying the air or the wind is only designed to live for a specific amount of time - ridiculous. The reason your bodies die is because of all the weight you put on them with your minds. Your mind does indeed kill your body. You've seen the old woman who lost her husband and then out of despair decided to die within a specific period of time. She did nothing to kill herself other than think that she will die. Most of you do not have these blatant thoughts but it is still the same. You wake up each morning with your nagging fears. What do you think these fears do? Do you think that you can have a thought and it is harmless - without harm? This is impossible. You are great creators and as great creators - you create. This means that every thought you have is a creation in it-self. Luckily for you right now (at least), you live in a very dense environment and there are other energies involved in your creation process - otherwise everything that you think would be materialized immediately - maybe that would teach you but I think not. The truth is you must mature in your thoughts as the energy on your planet is getting less and less dense and your thoughts will be creations in a much more instantaneous fashion then you have experienced in many lifetimes. Don't be alarmed - all is well. It is also not a contradiction to say that when you have thoughts of fear, regret, anxiety or anything else that makes you feel small or inadequate, you are doing the same thing as the old women - you are telling your body to die. These thoughts shut the body down little by little - they age you and make your cells degenerate and eventually die. How much degradation can any one body take before it dies? Do you see?

You have many lives because you wear out your bodies with your minds. If it were not for your mindless thoughts, your bodies could be immortal like the wind and the air. You do not hear the wind thinking that it is not good enough or that something bad might happen. You don't see the wind visualizing that some force greater than itself might destroy it that it because it is not good enough. The wind only knows how to be the wind - it has no doubt to its worthiness or purpose. It just is - and isn't it glorious. You are the same - you have just forgotten the purpose of this journey and the journeyer. Not a problem - all the same. How beautiful. For no matter how many bodies you wear out with your imagined problems and illusions of smallness, you will get a new body to try again.

If you were to stay in the same body with your current consciousness, you would have enormous burdens to overcome with all the issues you pile on year after year. How could you ever find your way out with all the illusions that act and pretend to be truth? So instead, one body falls away as in a cleansing and you are able to move into another to start again. It's true that certain memories stay with the energetic bodies so that you can heal them to higher truth. Know this as a gift to you in each life. You are truly blessed in all that you perceive.

In grace & gratitude,

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