The Secrets of Abou! - Part 2

Nanice Ellis

The Secrets of Abou!

Channeled by Nanice - Part 2

How do I take care of myself first and listen to my feelings?

You are confused. Modern people spend so much time listening to their internal clocks and conflicted emotions that they forget to be alive and live their lives. They are clouded by what they think is truth - but this type of "truth" keeps one in the darkness of their own LIMITIED being. When you first put emphasis on the feeling self, you become so immersed in the illusion that what you are is real - and you separate yourself from the god force within. I am not saying that you ignore your feelings and emotions and pay no attention to the self. I am saying that first - give your self to life. Give your self to all that is before you and then you will know yourself in such a way that any feelings that may appear and make themselves present will not overcome your ability to know the greater truth of life and who you are. When you give your self to life - to the earth, to the sky, to the wind - your feelings and emotions and situations in your life are processed through the god within. Then everything makes sense.

When we make feelings our God and answer to them, we deny the greatness of our intrinsic worth and power (as you would say). I would say, you dis-grace the greatness of your being. You put your greatness under a heavy wool blanket of disgust and then try frantically to discover yourself in the world. How can you discover yourself in the world when you are cloaked with garments of heaviness and disgust. You must first through off these garments to reveal what is eternal in your being and the beingness of all. Your therapist and psychologist of today - your head-people, drag you through the dark and help you to get more lost in what is not true - lost at a dead-end, because they themselves are lost. Why would you choose to be helped by someone who is also lost? Turn around. Come back around. The way out is not through the personal self. It is not through the darkness of feelings. The way out can only be reached by the surrender of the personal self. This is not death as so many of you fear. It is birth. It is birth of endless joy and bliss. Your cars, houses, pets and lovers do not bring you this joy and bliss. How could they bring it when they are also searching for it? Joy and bliss is the absence of emotion - the absence of feeling. You've been trying to achieve what you are by adding on things that only keep you from knowing who you really are. There is nothing wrong with dancing in the fountain (of emotion) - as long as you remember who the dancer is.

In grace & gratitude,

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