The Secrets of Abou! - Part 3

Nanice Ellis

The Secrets of Abou!

Channeled by Nanice

I've spent my whole life looking for my purpose - why is it so hard to find? (Laughter) How can you look for what you are? Do you wake up in the morning and look for your feet? Of course not. You might look for your feet if you are paralyzed or have just entered the body - as a baby or other entity. But if you are accustomed to the physical form as most of you are, you do not wake up and look for your feet. You know that they are there and you rely upon them to support you when you rise and walk. When you search for your purpose, it is like you are looking for your feet. How foolish! How funny. How can you look for something that is already supporting you and carrying you forward?

Your purpose is who you are. Your purpose is not something that you do or even how you do something. Your purpose is accepting the gift of your life and rejoicing in it as celebration in every moment. Your purpose is the giving of your self to life. Be careful. It not the giving of yourself to your life. It is the giving of your self to life. Do you feel the difference? Do you feel how the first feels limiting while the second feels expansive? You will know when you live purpose - you will have this sense of expansion. You will be this expansion.

Take a breath now. How deep was your breath? Did it move you? Did it speak to you? Did you give your self fully to the breath? Or was it an inconvenience that kept you from more important things? If you gave your self to your breath completely, you experienced purpose. It is so simple. Why do you all make it so complicated? Why must you believe that your purpose is so mysterious and complicated? Is it so that you have something to do with your lives - search for your purpose? Or do you need to make yourself grandiose and special by believing that there is some divine path that God intends for you. You can only need to be special and grandiose if you have forgotten your infinite divinity in the first place. Does God go around looking for individual purpose to feel better than you? That is very funny - is it not? It is not different for you. If you must seek individual purpose that it grander than your neighbors, than you are admitting your feelings of inadequacy. The only thing that is inadequate about you is your memory - that you have forgotten who you are and why you came here.

Give up the idea that you have some unique and divine purpose -it is all divine and unique. Each blade of grass is divine and unique. Each breath is divine and unique. It is impossible to duplicate and repeat the same breath twice in a life time or neo- time (no time). What you inhale into your lungs now is infinite possibility with a unique and divine combination of all possibilities in the form of materialized energy and the energy of the superior vessel (God). You will never experience the same breath twice in all the lifetimes that will ever exist.

When you search for purpose, you believe that there is some special mission for you in this life-time, you miss what is right before you. You miss the purpose of this divine moment and all moments to come. Why do you think that so few people know their purpose? The happiest people are those who surrender to the gifts and knowledge that they have been given and share those gifts and knowledge with others. They don't need to share those gifts and knowledge with the whole world. They just need to share it with who ever comes before them and asks to receive that knowledge. In fact, when one believes that she must share her gifts with the world, she often misses the greatest moments of her life by not being satisfied with what she has to offer. What is also true is that if she is destined to share her gifts with the world, the world will oblige and ask for her gifts. If she withholds here gifts out of fear, she will also miss the greatest moments of her life.

Life will call to you to share your gifts - it is only important that you are not afraid to answer to life in whatever way she is requiring. If this means that you share your gifts with only a few - that is the perfection of life and her needs. If you are called to give your gifts to the world and even beyond your world, that makes you no more grand, special, divine or unique. It only means that life has a need for you to fulfill in her perfection. It has no more to do with you then rain falling on a farm. Life asks the rain to fall on this or that farm in order for life to support herself and feed the needs of all who give to her - (do you see this is why it is important to give to life? Life is continuously giving to you. Life gives to you in the air you breathe, the food you eat, the water you drink and even the people who care for you and have given you life.) The rain does not care if she falls upon a farm who feeds the few or the many. Rain fulfills her purpose simply by being rain and falling wherever life requires her to fall. Rain does not say "that farm is too small - and I will not be fulfilling my purpose - I need to fall on a bigger farm so that my purpose will be more divine". Rain does not argue with life or the needs of life. Rain simply gives herself to life - completely, wholeheartedly and without question. If you can live as the rain, you will know and be your purpose. It is only in the giving yourself to life that you can ever begin to know the magnificence of who you are and the purpose that drives you home. When you are willing to give yourself to life, what rises up from within you is a greatness and, as you say, an authenticity of being. From this greatness and authenticity, your purpose arises quite naturally because there is nothing or no one (as in you) holding it back. You are not illusioned to believe that it is something grander than the simplicity that it truly is. Your purpose is not something that you will ever do or discover - your purpose is simply the being of who you are in every moment of every day of every lifetime - and your willingness to give to life fully in every moment of every day of every lifetime. Can you be that? Yes, I know you can. (Smile)

In grace & gratitude, Nanice

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