The Secrets of Abou! - Part 4

Nanice Ellis

The Secrets of Abou! Channeled through Nanice

If I give myself to life - what happens to the personal self? The personal self is an illusion that keeps you from knowing your greater self. It is like the butterfly who still believes it is a caterpillar. How can it fly when it does not accept that it has wings? The personal self is like the shirt you put on and take off every day. Do you loose anything when you remove the shirt? Are you any less without the shirt? It is just as true for the personal self - when you put it on or take it off, you are no more and no less. The shirt or the self does not give you value or worth. It is the body that gives the shirt value just as it is the soul that gives the self value. Do you understand? You may say yes, but if you go on from this moment identifying with the personal self for your worth and value then you really do not understand. Once you really understand something, life immediately changes around the understanding. If nothing changes, than nothing is understood. It is like flicking on a light, darkness immediately changes. Darkness does not say "I understand that light will overcome my darkness and still remain darkness - it just changes because it is in complete understanding". It is o.k. not to understand but do not say you understand when you don't. Saying you understand when you don't will keep you locked in misunderstanding.

Why do you fear losing the personal self? What is the personal self to you? Can you even answer that? If it is real, then how can you lose it -how can it disappear? If darkness is real, how could it disappear to light? Light does not disappear when darkness enters the room. Darkness is not real and therefore cannot enter the room. The personal self is not real and cannot exist without something more real than itself. I am not saying that the personal self is darkness. Please be clear. I am saying that, like darkness, the personal self cannot exist without the source of a greater power. As soon as that greater power makes itself present, the darkness disappears. As soon as the soul makes itself present, the small individual self disappears as well. Darkness does not fear disappearance just as your self does not need to fear it as well.

The personal self is beautiful and friendly. It is a flower on a rainy day. It is drops of dew in a misty jungle. It is the emerging sun at sunrise on a clear morning. Love the personal self but can you also let go of the illusion and limitation that this is who you are and who you will always be? What happens to the flower, the rain, the mist, the sun - the morning when you let it go? Better yet, what happens when you try to hold on to each of them? What happens when you try to hold onto the flower? Eventually it wilts and dies. Even if you dry it out and put it on your table - it is still dead. It is no longer what you once loved. What happens to the rain if you try to hold onto it? You'd have to gather it in a container and eventually it would become stagnant and distasteful to even you. What happens when you try to hold on the mist? Maybe you will need to take a photo of this one. Then it is the photo you are holding onto and not the mist. What happens when you try to hold onto the sun - eventually your body will reject it by getting burned or even lesions from sun poisoning. And what happens when you hold onto the morning? Can you even hold onto the morning? It is not a thing or something you can possess. It is an idea, a concept, a name to an event. If you try to hold onto morning, you will experience great loss when it passes and your depression will keep you from experiencing afternoon, evening and night. Only one quarter of the time will you be happy - for the rest of your day you will be burdened with the loss of what you try to hold on. And, need I say, that no two mornings will ever be the same. If you compare each morning to the one of your ideal, you will likely be saddened one hundred percent of the time. Do you see my point?

Holding onto the personal self is the same as trying to hold onto the morning, the sun, the mist, the rain - the flower. It is just not possible. And in the holding on, you will miss why you are here. How beautiful the personal self! How accepting of you and all your perceived flaws! How grateful you can be to have a personal self - but let it go. Let it go just as you do the flower, the rain, the mist, the sun - the morning.

In grace & gratitude,

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