The Secrets of Abou! - Part 5

Nanice Ellis

The Secrets of Abou!

Channeled through Nanice

What is the purpose of the personal self?

What is this again with purpose? Why must everything have purpose? What is purpose? Purpose implies that there is some end or conclusion in mind - that something must occur and be a result of. Being has no purpose. Being has no purpose. Yes, I meant to say that two times. Once is never enough when you want to be heard clearly. The first time the mind will argue with it and change what is being said. The second time is like a shock to the mind - it doesn't expect it or see it coming - so it lands on the mind differently and the mind must process it in a new way. The mind thinks - I am hearing this twice so it must be important. And, so it is. Think of it, now. How can "being" have purpose? The intrinsic meaning built into "being" implies that there is no purpose. Being is simply "being". What else is there to say? It is you humans who have invented "purpose", results and conclusions. The greater "world" does not "work" like that. In the greater world, there is no purpose, result or conclusion. There just is. Isness. Can the human mind even conceive of Isness? Yes, of course. Isness happens when you are swept away by the magnificence of life and you surrender. Isness happens when you let go of everything you have to do and become. What is the Isness of your being? If you meditate on this long enough (seconds for some - lifetimes for others), you will know who you are beyond anything that you can put a name or identity to.

I am not asking you to give up your purpose or even your personal self. If you are not ready to do so, this can be very depressing and even move you further away from the God force within your being. If you are ready, however, you will know - because you will feel a full expansion of self into selflessness.

In grace & gratitude,

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