The Secrets of Abou! - Part 6

Nanice Ellis

The Secrets of Abou!

Channeled through Nanice

If there is no purpose, why are we here?

When you hear music, do you get up and dance? What if there is no one to see you? Have you ever done anything simply because you couldn't not do it? The outcome did not matter. In fact, you gave no thought to the outcome. You were simply so inspired by the energy of the moment that there was no choice - you were inspired into movement. Can you remember times of great and inspired movement without any thought of purpose? You use the idea of "purpose" to make sense of life and give it meaning and direction. But life is not about purpose. It is about the full expression of being in every second of your precious life. When you are constantly seeking purpose, you miss the sacred moments of your life. Life will have a beginning, middle and end and it will have a wonderful story around it but you don't need to make it up or even seek it. If you are alive and awake to the moments of your life, your life will naturally take on a rhythm - just as the dancer takes on a rhythm to the music - it just happens. The dancer does not think that she needs to move this arm and this leg - she simply responds to the energy of the music within her body and her arms and legs move to that energy without any plan of action from her mental state. When you surrender to the natural divine energy of life and give yourself fully to life, the dance emerges. It has no purpose as you define purpose - it is simply energy in movement - just as your great universe and all that is - is simply moving energy. All that is does not have a purpose - can you conceive that? God does not have a purpose. How could the "great all" have a purpose when it is all that is? Purpose is a made up story to give meaning to your lives. Give up the idea of purpose (when you are ready) and give yourself fully to life. Will you be surprised that all that you have sought through endless lifetimes is within you - is you? It really is that simple.

In grace & gratitude,

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