The Secrets of Abou! - Part 8

Nanice Ellis

The Secrets of Abou!

Channeled through Nanice

What is love?

Love is consideration for another being - consideration that they exist outside you and that you can extend yourself to them - to be of comfort and meet their energetic needs. Love is the consideration that another may be having feelings and thoughts that are different from your own and even far away from you. Love is not passive. It is a verb and does not sit around waiting for something to happen. Love acts quickly and swiftly because there is no doubt. If there is any hesitancy, then love does not exist. How could it? If your child is in danger and you must risk your life, do you hesitate and think of your own personal safety or do you act swiftly and without any thought of your own well being. Love is the same in all cases. Real love, as you would say, makes the personal self disappear. What a beautiful teacher real love is. It can do what your spiritual teachers have been trying to help you do for eons.

What do you mean by consideration?

Yes, of course. Consideration is giving. You give one thing in consideration for another - do you not? It is an exchange of energy. When I say, love is consideration for another being, I am saying that there is a recognition between the loved and the lover. On levels and dimensions were the individual personal self does not exist, love does not exist. I realize that this quite different from all your teachings but there is more to understand about this. When you know yourself as all one without the personal self, how can you give love to another? You can only love another if they are perceived as separate from you. If you truly perceive the one - then there is no other to love. Do you see? In your current consciousness, love certainly exists but it is just another means for connection - much like hate. Love and hate are both means for connecting.

What clouds you from being a vessel of love is your fear, your needs, your hopes and your judgments. But they are all your choice. We will talk more about choice later but for now, understand that love is pure and ever flowing - it is innate within the being. It is the being. When you put the personal self before the one you say you love, many distractions will appear on your path. Your love is no longer pure or flowing. When you look at the personal self and jump to meet its needs, hopes and fears, you stop the flow of love for another. Love can only be given completely - otherwise it is not love. A boy and a girl meet, they start to feel love towards each other but the girl has huge hopes that this boy will be the boy of her dreams. Everything she sees, she sees through this veil of hope. The boy has fear that he will be abandoned by the girl and holds himself back because he is afraid to be hurt. They are no longer two beings desiring to love one another - they are two beings trying to befriend hope and overcome fear. How can love flow smoothly when there is so much to deal with even before you get to love? Love is simple. There is nothing complicated about love - if it is complicated, then it is not love.

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