The Secrets of Abou! - Part 9

Nanice Ellis

The Secrets of Abou!

Channeled through Nanice

Explain this idea that we are all one

One? How are you all one? With all of the billions of cells you have within one physical body - all with their own individual consciousness and you still call yourself "I" as in being one. How can you be one with billions of individual consciousnesses within a single entity? If you can be "one" with billions of beings within you, why is it so hard to conceive that you are not like one of those "individual cells" within an even greater being? Yes, of course you are. Do I need say more? The same mind that asks the question cannot be the mind that receives the answer. You must expand in your capacity to understand beyond the question. The very question limits your ability to understand the question. So, ask the question but then let it go. Remove the container from which the question arose - then it becomes possible to reach beyond the question to the understanding that you truly seek but do not yet have the ability to ask for.

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