Permanent Cure for Frustration, Disappointment & Impatience

Nanice Ellis

Would you like to never feel frustration, disappointment or impatience again?

If so, there is a permanent cure.

Release desire.

We only feel frustrated when we desire a particular outcome.
We only feel disappointed when our desires appear to let us down.
We only feel impatient when our desires aren't happening now.

Maybe this is why those wise masters tell us to release desire
so that we can evolve past our humanness.
Makes sense.
At least from one perspective.
But there is always another perspective.

Imagine your life without desire.
Without desire, romantic love might never be experienced.
Without desire, you might never realize your dreams.
Without desire, that mountain peak might never be conquered.
Without desire, your life might not be lived.

When we look deep enough, we see that the essence of desire is love.
The love of someone or something is what moves us and sculpts our lives.
Without desire, there would be little movement and little sculpting.
Our lives would probably be quite peaceful, but so much would be missed.
A huge price to pay for giving up desire.

If you give up desire, you give up a profound experience of love.

If you Give In to desire and allow it to take you on its ride,
you do risk frustration, disappointment and impatience,
Another way to say it is that you risk fear -
the fear that what you desire might not come to be.

So what.
Yes, so what.

There is nothing wrong with any of these feelings.
It is not un-spiritual to feel frustration, disappointment or impatience.
Love is not more spiritual than fear.

Life is a spiritual ride through a very human experience.
If you are alive, at least part of you wants to be on that ride.
Wouldn't it be a great loss to have gone through your life mastering desire,
but never really living?

Desire is a tool for manifesting and creating.
Desire is the magic wand of the Universe.
Desire is the electricity from thought to thing.

If desire is not filtered through limiting beliefs, it feels amazing.
Desire in itself, without ever realizing that which we desire, is a profound experience.
If we could just leave it there - no problem,
but we are human, after all, and we don't just want to feel desire -
we want what we desire.
What to do?

Just for today, can you dance with desire?
Can you allow her to take you on her wild ride,
and if you should meet up with fear,
by the names of disappointment, frustration or impatience,
dance with them too, but whatever you do,
don't let them lead.
That is the point.


Your life is a gift - Live it well!

In grace & gratitude,

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