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Nanice Ellis, defies the laws of time by creating transformational presentations custom-designed to fit the unique needs, goals, and ideals of your company or organization, while promoting the theme of your conference.

Nanice combines the power of humor and story telling with great personal depth and challenges your audience with her powerful message at a depth you have never before heard from the platform. When Nanice speaks, your audience does not just feel "pumped up", they take away new insights, tools and skills to make an immediate difference in their lives. Nanice will take you and your audience on an exciting journey - to reach down deep and discover passion, purpose, and power with clarity and enthusiasm.

Nanice has helped thousands of people all over the world break through their own limitations and change their lives from the inside out - creating prosperity, abundance and joy in their personal and professional lives. Her coaching and presentations are so powerful that combined with her wisdom, enthusiasm and unbelievable positive energy, she creates the space for powerful life altering experiences. Her compelling and passionate approach will touch your heart and make you think and live in profound new ways.

Nanice can customize all presentations to meet the needs of your audience.

What's everyone saying about Nanice?

Is There a White Elephant in Your Way?

"Is There a White Elephant in Your Way?" will wake you up from your life of limitations and empower you to start living your greatest dreams!By understanding and utilizing the "Unstoppable 6", you will break through limitations, discover your greatest strengths, get back in alignment with your true self, uncover your greatest truths, release the ties of the past, learn to use fear as a positive tool for enormous growth and become master of your own destiny! "A powerful and unique life altering experience."

Whose plaid polyester leisure suit are you wearing?

You were born to express the wonder and beauty of your authentic self. Your life is meant to be a unique journey which reflects who you really are. But what happens when life gets in the way? When parents, bosses, spouses, friends dictate how you must be in order to be loved and accepted? When life seems to tell you what and who you have to be in order to be successful? What happens when that someone they want you to be is not someone you want to be?

It is time to take your life back. Stop listening to everyone else's opinion about who you are and how you should live in the world. It is your life. It is time to live life the way you want to live it.

Do you know who you really are and what kind of life would truly reflect the unique greatness and power of you? It's never too late to rediscover your real self and re-create a life based on your dreams and desires...

"Whose Plaid Polyester Leisure Suit are you wearing?" will open your mind to the infinite possibilities of your life and inspire you with the courage to stand up for yourself and express who you really are. Say good-bye to self-doubt and your inner critic. Release and realize the amazing power of who you really are.

Belief Bulldozing!

Have you ever wondered why you just can't seem to create the kind of life you secretly desire? Maybe your relationships don't work, your job is unsatisfying, your health could be better, you're out of shape, depressed, unhappy and you know there is something more out there but don't know what it is or how to get it. Well, get ready! The mystery of your life is about to be solved! Everything you ever wanted to know about taking control of your life is available to you now!

If you have tried to change anything in your life but have not been successful, you must experience Belief Bulldozing!

With the guidance of Master Intuitive and Soul Discovery Coach Nanice, you are on the incredible path to discovering the secrets of your own life and how your beliefs determine the outcome in every and all aspects of your life. Empowering Beliefs create the foundation for success in every area of your life!

Developing and reinforcing beliefs which support your life is one of the most important keys to success! You are only as strong as your beliefs. No matter what you do or how hard you try, if your beliefs don't support what you're trying to attain, you will not succeed. Simply by identifying false and limiting beliefs and changing them into powerful inspiring beliefs, you will experience amazing results. Your life will begin to change before your eyes!

Choose Your Destiny! Make It Happen!

You have the power to choose your most desirable destiny and make it happen! We all have more than one possible destiny and depending on if we turn left or right, our destiny is determined. Without awareness and conscious choice, you are likely to live a life which is not your own. Your hidden dreams and desires (no matter how big or how small) is your inner wise voice speaking to you and directing you to make choices which support your most desirable and rewarding life. During this seminar, you will discover how to recognize and identify your best possible destiny and learn powerful tools to make it happen. Only you have the power to choose and create the life you desire. Be prepared! You are about to become director and producer of your most amazing and fulfilling life!

Turn Fear into Inspiration!

What are some of the things you fear most in your life? Whatever they are, they may hold the key to uncovering your hidden potential and living your most extraordinary life. Fear is not something to ignore or even push through; it is something to embrace. When you discover the courage to experience your fear and move through it with awareness, you take back your power. During this seminar, you will be guided through the amazing adventure of exploring fear. You will learn how to use fear as a tool for self-awareness, growth and powerful transformation. Learn to be inspired by your fear and life will never be the same again.

Creating Boundaries!

Learn how to make and keep boundaries that positively improve the quality of your life!

Make Anger Your Ally!

Tap into the power of your anger and learn how to express it in healthy and healing ways.

Getting Your Needs Met

Uncover the emotional needs which run your life and learn how to finally get them met. Improve the quality of your life from the inside - out!

Unlimited Self Esteem

Learn how to get more confidence in anything you do; from everyday situations to making powerful life changes.

Living Your Vision

It's Time to Wake up your Dreams and Desires and Create Your Most Incredible Life!

Heal Your Body

Learn how to release pain, injury and disease naturally through the mind-body connection.

Living From the Heart

An Exploration of Love and Learning
Learn the Secrets and Strategies of Creating Extraordinary Relationships with the people who mean the most to you.

Discover Your True Self

A Spiritual Journey to uncover your true self... Inside each one of us is an extraordinary being just waiting to be uncovered. This workshop will guide you on the path to finding your true inner self and ultimately creating a life that reflects your deepest dreams and desires.

"Wishing Your Life Away?"

Stop just wishing for the things you desire! During this presentation, you will discover the secrets and strategies to attract what you really desire. Whether it's fulfilling your soul's purpose or just having a clean house, it's as good as done. Bring your dreams and desires and be prepared to be inspired!

The Courage to be the Real You

What would your life be like if you knew you could never fail? You really can free yourself from all that holds you back when you develop the inner confidence to be the real you. Say good-bye to self-doubt and the inner critic and unleash your absolute potential. The only thing separating you from success is you. Don't wait!

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