Personal Will

Nanice Ellis

Is releasing personal will the key to final awakening?
To literally give up control and free will.
This is not an easy thing to do.

We define ourselves by our personal choices and ability to control our lives.
But this is just an illusion.
Everything that we each experience is simply a dream from the Creator.
The Creator is dreaming me now.
The Creator is dreaming you.
This self that I call me, is simply imagined into being,
and one day, it will be un-imagined.
We have even made up this idea of souls, but the soul is also an illusion,
seeming to exist at another level of the dream state.

So, here I am, imagining that I am real,
but I am not real,
because nothing in the material world is real.
Material is not real.
The manifestation of anything is not real.

If I am an illusion, and my life is an illusion,
and my will only exists in the illusion, what is there to release?
There is nothing to release.

Giving up personal will means releasing one thoughts, actions and emotions.
No planning, no calculating, no worrying.
Suddenly, only this moment exists, and that’s it.

Whatever the Creator puts before you,
you know it is the Creator, and you respond with love.
Because that is all that is left.
Without personal will,
the only thing left is love.

Your only job is to show up now - without any stories attached to anything.
When you are presented with situations or experiences that you once defined as undesirable,
you no longer turn away, because you no longer have judgment or opinion.
You simple love what or who is before you.
This is why the Creator has presented these situations and people to you –
not for you to judge or reject, but in order for you to love.
This is the healing.
For you and for them.

When personal will is released,
the Creator is able to tune you upwards
and create a direct connection to itself,
where you are in clear and open communication,
and thy will is done through you, by the power of divine guidance and inspiration.

This is the state of God Consciousness.

When you relinquish personal will, a funny thing happens;
instead of disappearing and becoming insignificant and powerless,
you begin to discover that you are the very thing
that you relinquished your power to.
You are the Creator – and you are the dreaming the whole thing.

In grace & gratitude,

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