Plugging In

Nanice Ellis

Life is asking each one of us to get connected to the Source of Life itself. This is the transformation of humanity.

We have reached a spectacular moment in the evolution of man-kind. We are each moving back into connection with the Source of who we really are. This is happening because it has become increasingly painful to remain disconnected. If you are not connected, you are not feeling well – something is wrong. When you are connected, nothing else matters because you have everything you need regardless of "reality." This is how Source assures that everyone gets plugged in. If you are not plugged in, you feel awful. When you plug in, you feel great. It's that simple.

The Off Position

If you are alive, you have to be at least a little connected to Source, but there is a big difference between being a little connected and being completely connected. It is like the difference between the light switch being in the on position or the off position. When you are completely connected, there is a continuous flow of Source energy flowing through you because the switch is in the on position. When you are not completely connected, the energy still flows to you, but cannot flow into you or your life because the switch is off and therefore the flow of energy is constricted.

Games of Fear, Scarcity and Competition
When the connection to Source is poor, people experience fear and separation, and therefore play games of competition, scarcity and war. There is nothing wrong with this, but it is a game of lower consciousness. The world appears in chaos because most people have been walking around asleep and disconnected. It's not that they are bad or evil. They have just been unplugged for so long that they feel alone and fearful. They have just been "off" - in their own little worlds, trying to survive; doing what they need to do in order to survive and sometimes that means hurting each other and even themselves. But it is only because they have been unplugged from who they really are. This is the fall from Grace. It was not a punishment or bad karma, but rather a glorious opportunity to have an amazing journey that could only be had if you forgot who you really are. Now, it is time to wake up from the journey by re-connecting to Source.

Only One Source
People are not plugging into billions of different sources. There is only One Source. Everyone is plugging into the very same Source. Each being is a direct extension and expression of the One Source. When that connection is completely made by each individual, no longer are we on wild self-serving tangents. Instead we are in alignment with the one true Source and all our thoughts, feelings and actions are also in alignment with not only Source but with each other, because everyone is plugged in. This is the evolution of humanity.

The Open Secret About Being Connected
The good news is that we are naturally connected as long as we are not doing "that thing" that disconnects us, like judgment, fear, criticism, worry, jealousy, etc... There is nothing wrong with any of these emotional journeys. They each offer amazing opportunities of experience for Source. But these journeys are coming to a completion. Yes, we can stay on the negative emotion train but it is becoming increasingly uncomfortable and painful. And as it does, one by one, each of us is letting go and freeing ourselves of these painful experiences so that we can feel better. We are freeing ourselves by choosing such exit strategies as forgiveness, surrender acceptance, gratitude and letting go. As you free yourself from painful emotions, what you are left with is love.

Only Love Is Real
As we each return to love, by releasing what is not love, we automatically plug back into Source, because Love IS Source. Source is Love. In order to get connected to Source, it is not necessary to be religious, spiritual or even to believe in God. These things are completely unnecessary, and that is the beauty of this. You only need return to love. Love is completely Universal. It is found in every part of the world, every culture, every religion and every spiritual practice.

One Frequency - One Dance
When we are all plugged into the same loving Source, we will all be tuned to the frequency of love and oneness. It will be as if we are all listening to the same radio station and dancing and singing to the same song – in harmony. We won't lose a bit of individuality; in fact, just the contrary, because as we are aligned with who we really are, individual creativity and unique expression will flow abundantly. As a result, we will each support the dreams and visions of each other which will naturally work in unity for the betterment of humanity; just like a perfect puzzle coming together. This is the transformation we have been awaiting. It is here now. The only thing that you need to do is get connected, and make that the most important part of your day - everyday. Don't worry about how connected anyone else might be. Just tend to your own connection, and make it more important than any other form of success. Your world will change, and everyone in your world will elevate to a higher consciousness. It only takes you.

In grace & gratitude,
Nanice Ellis

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