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I was up on the mountain over a month ago - skiing one of the last days of the season. The sun was brilliant - blessing the peak of the mountain. I stood there in awe of the sunlight, and I imagined that I was a prism that the sun shone through and what was cast before me was a combination of my shadows and my clearity (yes spelled like that).

I see that we are all prisms. The more asleep we are, the more shadows we cast. The more awake we are, the more light we both project and reflect. Most of us are a combination of shadows and light, and that is the unique Grace of the Universe. To the Divine, shadows are beautiful. Life would be nothing without the dancing of shadows and light.

Sometimes, we are influenced by other's shadows, and this causes us to cast more shadows as well. But, when we are in any degree of darkness, it is always the casting of our own shadows that prevent the light. There is never anyone or anything else to blame.

When we become truly conscious, our light "over-shadows" everything in our path and we bring light wherever we go. The prism is clear and the brilliant light of the Divine shines through. This is the enlightened being.

 In grace & gratitude,

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