Problems with a Purpose

Nanice Ellis

Problems with a Purpose

It is important to understand that blocks and obstacles do have a purpose. If we think of them as only something negative, we are likely to miss their true value. The only way to get past a block and obstacle is to understand it's purpose and value - and to use it to our advantage. Every problem that you encounter in your life holds a gift, opportunity and lesson. We will get more into this when we talk about the second of the "Stoppable Six". We may create problems to protect us from something that we fear or to make us encounter it. Problems might make us face a hidden truth. They might lead us in a direction that we otherwise would not have thought about. They may even lead us to our life's purpose. Or they might help us get our needs met.

Problems that help us avoid

Sometimes we create problems as a way to avoid something. For example, let's say that you really don't want to go to your friend's party but feel obligated. On the way there, your car unexpectedly breaks down. This is certainly a problem you didn't want but it serves you well because now you have a good excuse for not going to the party. Of course, you can avoid this type of problem by being completely honest with yourself and everyone in your life. Then you won't need problems to speak for you.

Problems that help you face your fears

Some problems create perfect situations for you to face and overcome your fears. Let's say, for example, that you are afraid of flying and your company requests that you travel across the country. This is a big problem for someone who has a fear for flying. But this "problem" is actually an opportunity for growth by overcoming a fear. And the ability to overcome this fear might even lead to other opportunities that being able to fly would make possible.

Problems that help us face our truth

Problems can also make us face a truth that we have been hiding from. Let's say that you have been unhappily married for 20 years but were not willing to face that truth. Then one day you discover that your spouse has been unfaithful. That discovery throws your world into chaos. It is a problem you did not want but it is also an opportunity to face your hidden truth and make changes in your relationship and in your life. It is a stepping stone out of the unhappiness. Without that "problem" you would likely keep going on as if everything was fine when it was not.

Problems that open new doors

Problems also arise to point us in a direction we otherwise would not have thought about. John was unfairly fired and this threw him into a complete crisis. He wasn't exactly happy in his job but it was a good job and the money was more than adequate. He probably would have stayed at this job forever if he wasn't fired. But as a result of being fire, John started his own company and is now making an incredible amount of money and is happier than he ever dreamed possible. If he did not have to deal with the "problem" of being fired, he would have never found this great opportunity.

Problems that uncover our soul's purpose

Problems often offer us the opportunity to uncover our soul's purpose here on earth. One of my best friends, Kim, was diagnosed with cancer at the young age of 17. They didn't give her much hope but she surprised everybody and survived. Because of her cancer, she discovered that she wanted to help other people in need and went on to become a psychologist. If it wasn't for the cancer, she may not have found her soul's calling especially at such an early age. Her huge "problem" set her life in motion and helped her to achieve what her soul was directing her to do.

Problems that get our needs met

When we experience problems in our lives, such as an emotional crisis and even physical illness or injury, it creates a reason for others to meet our needs. This doesn't mean that anyone will meet our needs but it does put us in a position where others notice us even if it means negative attention. This is something that children learn at a very early age. If you have ever raised a small child, then you know that children will create crisis for attention. A child will do almost anything to get his needs met. I believe that this is also true for most adults. Well, into my twenties I was very accident prone. I would fall down, knock things over, get hurt, break things and often cause havoc. And this went on until one day I understood that I learned to be accident prone as a child in order to get attention. I didn't know how to get attention in a healthy way so I created a maladaptive way to get my needs met. The only problem was that it became part of my personality make up and I continued to get my needs met in this way well into adulthood. Being accident prone was a big barrier for me in my life because it also kept me distracted. It wasn't until I became aware of this pattern that I was able to break it and find healthy ways to get my needs met. ~~~

If you think of your blocks and obstacles as the enemy, you will miss the gifts that they offer. Once you start to think about how your blocks and obstacles serve you in your life, they will take on a whole new meaning and you will be able to reap their true gifts whether that is spiritual, emotional or physical. If you continue to think of challenges as negative and separate from you, then you will have a greater difficulty shifting out of them. Feeling like a victim to life's problems is never empowering and keeps us locked in them. Most of us think of life's challenges or painful relationships as something to avoid but they are the most valuable experiences we can have. They hold the keys to creating the life we desire. But the only way to overcome them is to go through them. If we know where and how to look, there is great knowledge in personal chaos. That is why it is so important to embrace our issues as a gift for personal and spiritual growth and understand that no matter how challenging, they do serve a purpose.

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