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What may look like procrastination may really be the expanded part of you calibrating to Divine Timing.

There is the doing part of you and the BEing part. Most of us don't allow our selves to Be until we are done doing. Since the doing is never done, there is no time to Be.

The doing part of you is always the ego, and its job is to believe that the illusion is real and to make you believe it as well. It says, "...get things done, meet deadlines, complete tasks. .."

What if procrastination was the Being part's way of claiming rightly control? Which, of course, to the doer is no control at all.

In our personal and global evolution we are coming to the point where we must Be – who we really are; and the doing must be secondary to the Being and, in fact, a result of BEing. First Be, then do. This is the difference between motivation and inspiration. Motivation comes from ego gratification while Inspiration, which means "In Spirit", moves you with the energy flow of the Universe. This is what it really means to BE in the flow.

When you are aligned with your Source Self, the idea of procrastination dissolves.

Living from your Source Self means living in this moment now, without a to do list, without guilt, regrets or shoulds. You are here now and there is nothing in which to procrastinate, because there is nothing to do.

It's not that you never do anything. You might even "do" more than you have ever done before; the difference is the source of your doing shifts from ego doing to the kind of doing that is inspired, connected and aligned with the rhythm of the Universe. That has to be a good thing :).

There is a a higher part of you that is Awake and who knows exactly what to do, when to do it and how. Maybe it is time to really trust this part?

In grace & gratitude,
Nanice Ellis

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