Ride The Waves

Nanice Ellis

Ride The Waves

It's true, we never know what will work out or what will fall away.
I say, ride the wave of excitement.
When a great idea or dream comes along, jump on the wave.
Ride it for as long as you can, and if it dissipates, get off,
but don't fall into discouragement or disappointment.
Instead, watch for the next wave.
It will be along before you know it.
Jump on the wave, and ride it for as long as you can.
Feel the excitement, feel the thrill, feel the joy.
So what if it doesn't "work out."
Life is a series of rides and not one end goal.
If you can find yourself on enough good feeling rides,
eventually all those awesome feelings will conjoin,
and you will have Blast Off!
Those waves of possibility will turn into the Manifestation of your dreams.
Ride the Waves and milk them for everything you can.

In grace & gratitude,
Nanice Ellis

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