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Rise Above 


A few years ago, I experienced a powerful shamanic journey in the Peruvian Amazon; it was one of the most terrifying and horrific experiences of my life, but one that brought me invaluable lessons that changed the way I live. I found my self in a circus of horrors with no way out. It was like a house of mirrors with pain in every direction, no matter which way I turned I could not escape. I tried letting go over and over again but I kept getting caught up with this nightmare that seemed so real. After many hours in the pitch black jungle, trying every which way to find my way out of intense fear and doubting my sanity for ever embarking on this journey, I found myself yelling at the illusion, "You are not real. You are not real. You are not real." So if it wasn't real, what was real? Love. Only love is real. And so I affirmed, "Only Love is real. Only Love is Real. Only Love is Real." I could feel relief... I knew this was my way out. Feeling too exhausted to keep affirming this truth for the next 8 hours, I sent it out in my vibrational field and I held the vibration. I surrounded myself with love, and I became love. Immediately, the horror and pain retreated; I watched it go. Love set me free.

It wasn't enough to think loving thoughts or release fearful thoughts, I had to RISE Above the vibration that I was wanting to escape. But not just rise above it, but to maintain the vibration of love for as long as it took.

Many of us go through our days experiencing moments of love and connection and moments of judgment and disconnection. If there are mostly moments of judgment and disconnection, we call it a bad day and if this goes on for a period of time; it becomes a version of what I experienced in the jungle, and we will do whatever it takes to escape it. What we don't realize is that we are really experiencing the physical manifestation of our own fear. There is really nothing happening in the physical world we call life, other then the reflection of our subconscious mind; albeit love or fear.

We don't rise above fear by combating fear; we rise above fear by releasing the illusion and embracing the essence of who we really are. Many of us are doing this on a regular basis but still wondering why reality has not changed; we are still dealing with the same old problems and challenges again and again. Because we keep believing reality, we drop our vibration down to one of fear every time something undesirable presents itself in our experience. Eventually we do rise above it, but before long, another "something" occurs and we are back to square one.

Why do lower vibration events happen when we are feeling good? There is a lag in cause and effect and we are almost always experiencing the past. So every time, you experience fear, you are sending the physical equivalent of that fear out to somewhere in your future. So even if you rise above your current challenge, there will be a consequent wave ready to hit you when you least expect it,

What is the solution? The secret to your escape is simple, yet maybe the hardest thing you will ever do. The answer is to Rise Above fear and become the love that you are - and to maintain this vibration of love no matter what reality is telling you or the intensity of the waves trying to knock you down. You must maintain the vibration of love for as long as it takes. Yes, this may be challenging but no more challenging than living a life where you are constantly knocked down by fear, finding love and rising, getting knocked down again, rising up and getting knocked down again and again. To free yourself, you must Rise Up one last time and Stay Up. At some point, you will reach a vibrational tipping point where fear can not reach you, and you will have, indeed, awakened into a state of love; and your reality will be a direct reflection of that love. This is Heaven on Earth.

It is not enough to think loving thoughts or release fearful thoughts, you must RISE Above the vibration that you are wanting to escape. But not just rise above it, but to maintain the vibration of love for as long as it takes.

This is how you free yourself and the only way in which you can be the change you want to see in the world.

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In grace & gratitude,

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