Risk Disappointment

Nanice Ellis

Risk Disappointment

If you live your life in fear of disappointment,
you will not live your life.
You will live a life of disappointment.

Disappointment will have tricked you into playing it safe
and what you will end up with is the very thing you sacrificed your life to avoid.

Disappointment is your ill begotten friend,
who wants to keep you safe from loss and pain.
But he knows nothing of resiliency, determination, and perseverance.
He knows nothing of reaching the mountain top and planting your flag.

Risk Disappointment

Along the way, disappointment will likely call you in
and comfort you in the bosom of his cave.
He will present you with a story that makes it all seem too hard to go on,
and will reassure you of a safe life.
Disappointment will lure you with the comfort of avoiding defeat
and invite you to settle into relief.

Don't fall for it.
See disappointment for what it is, and turn away.
Don't give up. Refocus on your Dream.

Success is around the corner, but sometimes corners create shadows.
Disappointment hides in the shadows because it is the only place that fear can live,
but shadows aren't real and neither is disappointment.

It is all your dream - Dream Well, my friend.

Written from Inside the Illusion.

In grace & gratitude,
Nanice Ellis

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