Saving The World

Nanice Ellis

Since I was a little girl, I had a grand dream to go out and "save the world." I'm sharing this now because many people, at this time (maybe you) have the same dream or inspiration. In adulthood, I could see my path leading in that direction, and I could see myself as someone who would, in fact, "Be that Change." It seemed as if life was asking me to take this path.

There was only one problem, and that was the disharmony in my own home. The disharmony between my children and within my children,. The disharmony between my children and their father. The disharmony between me and my children, and of course, the disharmony within me (I knew that if there was disharmony outside, there had to be disharmony inside). That's a lot of disharmony!

You might say that frequent family squabbles, disagreements and fights are normal. I would say, yes they are normal, but they are not natural and not the way life is intended to be.

Years ago, I was at a crossroads; I could see a direct path to fulfilling what I thought was my path of helping to "save the world." It was compelling in so many ways. It was what I thought I really wanted. Except for the voice, deep inside, that said, "How can you save the world, if you can't even save your own family." My ego argued, "If my purpose is to "save the world," I should do what I came here to do, even if it meant sacrificing something vitally important to me." Yet, that deep and knowing voice resonated, and so I consciously chose my family. I turned all my attention away from my dream and toward my family. At first, things seemed to get a lot worse, but probably only because all my attention was focused and I could see and understand things that I might have missed previously with divided attention. I was no longer divided; I was clear, focused and committed; even if my efforts changed nothing.

There was no sacrifice, whatsoever, because I knew that I made the right choice. Sacrifice can only exist if you are divided.

It is hard to describe the beauty that has unfolded within my family over these past years. It hasn't always been pretty, but it has all-ways been beautiful. I have watched and witnessed, the once blatant disharmony transform into flowing-harmony in ways that I could have never imagined. It is like watching the chaos of fractals transform into the "Thumbprint of God."

The truth is, I really didn't do anything. I just showed up, undivided with unconditional love and acceptance. I paid attention to what life, and my family, was asking of me, and I responded, especially when it was difficult. I became the person I needed to become in order to create and experience harmony in my home - and in myself. This is an ever-unfolding process.

Our bodies contain 50 trillion cells that work harmoniously together to give us life. When a portion of those cells are unhealthy, the whole body is unhealthy. When you heal the cells that are out of harmony, the whole body heals. This is true for the larger picture of humanity, as well. Maybe you don't need to heal the 7 billion people on this planet, in order to "save the world;" maybe you only need to heal yourself and create the space for healing for those you most love and cherish. If we each heal ourselves and what is in our immediate experience, the whole will heal. Healing means "Return to Wholeness."

The dream to "Save the Planet" has been given to so many of us because we each have important roles to play - in very personal ways. What may seem like a small difference is exactly what we came here to do, and IT IS the Difference.

My family now creates a positive ripple effect that unites with other positive ripples, creating a bigger and bigger ripple effect; like fractals - repeating itself over and over until the disorder and chaos in the world does, in fact, transform into the highest order of love and harmony. This is how we each save the world.

This doesn't mean that you never follow a bigger dream; it does mean that you first heal what is closest to you, and what overflows from that wholeness is the energy and power that propels and energizes any larger purpose. That is the point.

If you have a dream or a desire to be that change that Gandhi inspires, maybe the opportunity is at your door step, or maybe even, like me, on the inside of your door. Knock... knock....

In grace & gratitude,
Nanice Ellis

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