Say Yes

Nanice Ellis

Say YES to everything....

We tend to say yes to only that which we desire.
That leaves much of our lives where we are saying no,
and to that same portion we are not present and alive.

There is as much beauty in the dying rose
as there is in the blooming bud.
There is as much love in war
as there is in peace.

Who am I to decide what should be?
Certainly there is something greater and more KNOWING
that creates reality.
I can only know but a small piece and much less than that.
The Creator knows all the pieces as one complete harmonious puzzle.

What would happen if I said YES to everything?
If it is before me, the Creator has put it there.
I can see the beauty or the ugliness in anything.
That is my free will.
But what would happen if I only looked for beauty and love?
How might that change my reality?

In grace & gratitude, 
Nanice Ellis


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