Shadow Dancing

Nanice Ellis

When we look around, there seems to be so much tragedy and injustice.
Maybe you ask yourself, "Is it my job to draw attention to it?
Or does that just make me part of the problem?"

To wake up to the truth
about government, religions and corrupt political and social agendas,
and to "do something about it"
means that I must argue with the illusion, give power to it,
believe it is real - and therefore stay asleep spiritually.

We cannot argue with "reality"
and be awake at the same time.

So if the answer is not in arguing with reality,
and you don't like reality because it is hurting you or someone else,
then how do you change reality?

Paint a New and Better Picture.

Withdraw your attention from the dark,
and focus all your attention and intention on the Light.
Allow the Light to have its way with the dark.
Ever see what happens to the dark when you light a candle
or flick a light switch on?
No fight, no argument - not even a discussion.
Just darkness giving way to light.
Have you ever watched the sun rise?
If the sun were to fight with darkness,
who or what would it fight with?
The sun would be fighting with shadows -
that it, itself, was casting.
There is no source of darkness.
There is only the absence of light.

In the same way, we can only fight with the shadows
that we, ourselves, are casting.
We are the shadow makers.
We make shadows out of our fears and worries.
We make shadows out of our limited beliefs.
We make shadows out of our doubt
that we are worthy or good enough.
We make shadows out of illusions.

All, any of us, are dong is playing with our own shadows.

When we stop fighting with our shadows,
and get out of our own way, our light intensifies
and our shadows dissolve back into nothingness.

There is no reason or need to blame the outside world
for tragedy, loss or victimhood.
Doing so, only casts more shadows.
The only thing that you can do to make any real difference,
is to reclaim your light - and live there.

At first, it might seem that you are alone.
But hold true and steady to your light,
and you will find that all the other shadow makers
either wake up, or fall away from your life,
leaving room for others who have also
found their own light and are not willing to sacrifice it
or compromise it, just to play in the dark.

This gives way to enlightened relationships that say:
"I am not going to ask you to live in my shadows.
And I will not live in yours.
I will invite you to share my light and to shine your own."

Now is the time to reclaim your light,
and to shine it so brightly
that it gives all those you know
the courage and strength to do the same.
Together our light will become so great,
that the shadows of yesterday will have
no where to dance - and we all will be free.

Come Dance with Me in the Light,

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