Spiritual Bypass

Nanice Ellis

As you read the following, please remember that the words are not the truth but simply possible road signs on the journey.

The Spiritual ByPass The journey of awakening is through the heart and emotions. If you use spiritual concepts to bypass that journey, no journey has begun. It is simply mind masturbation; a head game that keeps you feeling safe and secure. Yet, underneath all those spiritual ideologies, lies a vacant place that knows that something is missing. There is. What is missing is the journey to realizing those spiritual concepts. Until that journey is taken, all spiritual concepts are just that; concepts. Spirituality does not happen in the head. It happens in the heart and, from there, spreads out into the whole body and beyond; infinitely beyond without hesitation, doubt or apology.

Spirituality is an experience; a journey within. Only by going courageously and vulnerably inside yourself, can you awaken yourself to the light of who you really are. The deeper you go, the more en-lightened you become. In this way, your only "job" is to simply shed light on yourself. All else overflows from that; which you are.

Example: Let's take the spiritual concept - "we are all one". Using this concept as a spiritual bypass or a crutch might look like, every time you feel hurt, betrayed or humiliated by another you tell yourself that "we are all one" in order to feel better. Instead of allowing emotions to move through you, you stop yourself from feeling them. When we allow ourselves to truly feel our emotions without a story attached to them, they move us deep within ourselves, ultimately to the place that we do, in fact, experience Oneness. Until a spiritual concept is experienced within us, it is just a belief. Once it is experienced through the process of "getting there", it awakens that truth inside us. At that point, it is no longer a concept or belief; it is undeniable us. Meditation: As you breathe deeply in and out 10 times, say silently to yourself "it is safe to go deep within myself". At about the third breath, imagine those words moving from your head down into your heart. Once those words are fully in your heart, experience their power of transformation, healing and awakening.

Love, Nanice


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