Spiritual Journey Part 10 - Releasing Resistance

Nanice Ellis

We all have an innate ability to  create and recreate our realities, but it is essential to remain in a state of non-resistance when something that we don't want shows up. What we resist persists. When we begin from a place of allowing what is present, and even blessing what is present, we create the space for change, allowing us to powerfully influence the dream-state that we call our lives. 

Another word for resistance is suffering. If we were to decipher any suffering down to the core, we would find resistance.  Resistance is insisting my personal will on thy will. Thy will is the will of the creator – consciousness itself.

Whatever appears in your reality is life speaking directly to you and demonstrating the manifestation of your energy - your subconscious mind projecting in reality. How can we argue with this demonstration? How can we argue with life? This is exactly what we do, when we resist what is.  There is not one moment of your life that is not specifically and carefully created for you. There are no accidental moments. Not a single one. They are each divine gifts for you. Resisting anything is resisting this gift. When you allow yourself to breathe into this moment, this moment reveals itself to you. When you resist this moment, suffering is the result. 

Resistance can be blatant or subtle. Resistance can be extreme fear or a little judgment. They are both forms of resistance and everything in between. It only takes a little judgment to experience suffering. The suffering is an indication that you are resisting what is and therefore your connection to source is being compromised - like a kink in a garden hose. Release the resistance and the energy flows. The more in alignment you are with the flowing energy of source, the better you feel. This is why falling in love feels so wonderful. There is no resistance in completely falling in love. You are falling.  How can you resist falling? In falling you must surrender, and in the surrender you are free, and you become love - because when you let go and surrender, you return to the source of who you are, and that is love. When you begin to fear that the one you love may leave, deceive or hurt you in some way, you resist, and in that resistance, you block love. You block love for and from the other and you block the experience that you are love. This is suffering. If you could experience yourself continuously as love, you would find that you have little need or desire for much more.  More is nice but not required. Love fills you up and you are full.  There is no need to add more. 

When you are awake, knowing that you are dreaming your own universe and everything in it, you may still resist, but at the same time, you might understand how futile and silly resistance really is. What are you resisting? You are resisting a dream.  There is nothing to resist in a dream because nothing is real. If it is not real, everything is just an experience. In divine eyes, all experiences are equally valuable and beautiful. This is one of the hardest things to understand. A butterfly flying and a rat in the sewer are equally as beautiful and miraculous. Just as living in a mansion or living in a cardboard box are no different. We have preferences and those preferences actually do influence our lives but don't think for a moment that one experience is more valuable or magnificent than another. It is all a miracle and it is all equally as beautiful.

The creator desires to have experiences (this isn't quite right, but no better way to say it), and you are chosen to have experiences for the creator to experience through you. Imagine waiting backstage as a brilliant show is being played and directed on stage. The master director announces a new role - a savior is needed for the next act of this play. You don't get the part, but that's o.k. A moment later the master director has another role available. Since the savior needs a world to save, there needs to be a character that threatens to destroy the world. This character must be brilliant, deviant and egotistical - he or she must be charismatic and able to convince others to play supporting roles. This character must be so powerful that it scares the living daylights out of all the other characters. Of all the infinite possibilities, you are awarded this audacious role, and you agree to play it fantastically! You are not a bad person. You are simply a character in a play on Earth. Here is the clincher, your character would not even exist if the character of the savior didn't want to save the planet. Do you get this? The villain would not exist if the savior did not exist. It is not the other way around. You want to save the world? Drop the desire to save the world - then you are saving it at the level of creation. Really think about this.

What does this have to do with resistance? If there are no bad guys, no good guys and all experiences are equally beautiful, and you volunteered to have certain experience so that the creator could experience through you, what exactly is there to resist? Nothing.  Instead, you might find yourself thinking, "Thank you, Creator, for allowing me to have this experience in service of divine will."  Instead of resisting any experience, you bless it. Not accept, not allow - Bless. Embedded in the blessing is the gratitude. This is how you transcend any "problem." This is how you receive the infinite gifts contained in every step of your journey. 

When I let go to this moment, the I that I know as I, dissolves, and I am left with the magnificent experience of now.  It is my present.  I am blessed. 

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